1. Brown Willy Run 1/1/2016
  2. Kewstoke hangover 10k 1/01/2016
  3. Storm’Force 10 24/01/2016
  4. Muscat 10k 20/01/2016
  5. Walt Disney Marathon-Florida 10/01/2016
  6. Endurance’life CTS South Devon Trail Marathon 06/02/2016
  7. Bodmin Fire & Rescue Half Marathon- 21/02/2016
  8. Hameldown Hammer Half Marathon- 28/02/2016
  9. The Cousin jack Classic 5/03/2016
  10. Bideford Half Marathon 6/03/2016
  11.  The Big Run Cornwall –  6/03/2016
  12. Falmouth Half Marathon 13/03/2016
  13. The Grizzly 13/03/2016
  14. The Dark 19/03/2016
  15. Age UK Exeter 10k 20/03/2016
  16. Godolphin sport relief 10k
  17. An Res Hellys 10 Mile. 3/04/2016
  18. Penzance Duathlon 10/04/2016
  19. The Tavy 13 10/04/2016
  20. Kernow Vertical KM (St Agnes) 10/04/2016
  21. Plymouth Half Marathon 17/04/2016
  22. Bodmin Moore 5 Tors 17/04/2016
  23. Brighton Marathon 17/04/2016
  24. London Marathon 24/04/2016
  25. 8k OCR The Toughest 24/04/2016
  26. Hartland Hartbreaker 1/05/2016
  27. Tough Mudder 1/05/2016
  28. Trevornick 10Miler 8/05/2016
  29. Leaky Freaky Duathlon 08/05/2016
  30. Imreys Half Marathon 15/05/2016
  31. Bideford 10k 15/05/2016
  32. Hope 24 15/05/2016
  33. Porth Valley View 10k 23/05/2015
  34. Burrator 10k 22/05/2015
  35. Bampton to Tiverton 7 miler (&125 yards) 30/05/2015
  36. St Ives Bay 10k 30/05/2015
  37. Cubert 5- 5/08/2016
  38. The Classic Quarter 11/06/2016
  39. The Ruby Run 12/06/2016
  40. Bude Life Boat Run 15/06/2016
  41. Lanhydrock 10  18/06/2016
  42. Meet your Max 21/06/2016
  43. Sticker 5 miler 25/06/2016
  44. Exmoor UK Ironman 70.3 miler 26/06/2016
  45. North Devon AONB Marathon & Half 26/06/2016
  46. Turkey Trot 6/07/2016
  47. Cornwall Search and rescue fundraiser 10/07/2016
  48. The Long Course Weekend Triathlon 9/07/2016
  49. Poldhu 10k 14/06/2016
  50. Tavistock Relays 14/06/2016
  51. Magnificent 7 Saltash 17/07/2016
  52. Crossing Dartmoor 23/07/2016
  53. Tywardreath Trotter 30/07/2016
  54. Indian Queens Half Marathon 07/08/2016
  55. The Great West Fell run 07/08/2016
  56. 07/08/2016 The Run for Mum 10k-Bangkok (!)
  57. St Leven 10km 12/08/2016
  58. Roseland August Trail 13/08/2016
  59. Trelissick 10k 20/08/2016
  60. The Hangman Ultra 21/08/2016
  61. Tough Mudder weekender 21/08/2016
  62. The Dartmoor Volcano Race 21/08/2016
  63. Oak Croak 27/08/2016
  64. The Original Somerset Maverick trail race 27/08/2016
  65. Treggy 7 7/09/2016
  66. Something Wild race. Dartmoor 11/09/2016
  67. The Bude Pirate Run 11/09/2016
  68. The Truro Half Marathon 18/09/2016
  69. Godrevy 10km 24/09/2016
  70. Tough Mudder 24/09/2016
  71. Abersoch Half Marathon 24/09/2016
  72. Barnstaple Marathon 25/09/2016
  73. Barnstaple Half Marathon 25/09/2016
  74. Tough Enuff & beyond 16k 25/09/2016
  75. Glasgow Half Marathon 2/10/2016
  76. Lanhydrock 10miler 8/10/2016
  77. Eden Marathon & 1/2 Marathon 16/10/2016
  78. Great West Run 16/10/2016
  79. White Rose Ultra
  80. St Micheals Mount remembrance run
  81. The Drogo 10
  82. The Bideford 10Miler
  83. The Mob Match Falmouth
  84. The Race for Wildlife
  85. Ford sen Mighal: A pilgrimage
  86. The scrooge
  87. Torrington xmas Caper

Brown Willy Run 1/1/2016

Not a race….just a bit of ‘Fun’ to get the RATS started for the year! Intense weather and conditions for this years run…best summed up with a few comments from some of the RATS who Made it! Elly- I have never ever been so cold, wet and muddy!! Still defrosting today! Paul- Awesome wasn’t the word that sprang to my mind. The most unplesant thing I’ve done since ……ever. It’s a good job I get a year to recover. David-Now that was the toughest run I have EVER done. So much respect to everybody who even attempted this, even the people being picked up by the search and rescue team and stretchered back to Jamaica Inn Mark W-You had to be there to truly appreciate how awful the conditions were! The Moor was a bog from start to finish, the rain and wind so strong it hurt and the mud got everywhere.


Kewstoke hangover 10k 1/01/2016

Paul Kinsman 41.59 Great run from Paul,as he attempts to burn off the xmas sweets!

Storm’Force 10 24/01/2016

 Finished in 1:10:15.Harveys time was 1:11:20 as he was only roughly a minute behind me but still ran an epic time and great pace! Brilliant run with perfect weather and perfect organisation! 10 miles of fast and undulating road. (David)

Harvey Robert Richmond- 1.11.20 David Andrewartha 1.10.15


Muscat 10k 20/01/2016


Sue Smith took part in the Muscat 10k,Some international representation for the RATS! Sue Said:  As I was running along the coast road looking at the sea, my thoughts took me back to lovely Bude and to you all at the Club. I ran the  10k race by myself and 3 others alongside a colleague who was running the marathon for the first time to raise money for the Stroke Association for which his wife, aged 32 years, had been a victim. Well done Sue.

Walt Disney Marathon-Florida 10/01/2016

Susan McTavish- 5hr 23. It was Humid- I’ve never raced in humidity before & it was a race you didn’t have to take to seriously!…..(I ran in mouse ears) Well done Susan, we hope to see the mouse ears around Bude at training now.

Endurance’life CTS South Devon Trail Marathon 06/02/2016

David Andrewartha 5hr 33mins


The coast was the most brutal I’ve run. Beautiful coastline but not a great deal of chance to look at it much as I tried not to be blown into electric fencing.lol. My mountain warehouse cap is now somewhere in the English channel and both cap and beanie were ripped away by the freezing wind. Jagged rocks and steep ascents certainly made it a very punishing route. The sight of tarmac was a blessing even if I was being barged back and shaken around like a raggy doll by the wind. The time speaks for itself. Those who know me would know that wouldn’t be the time of any road marathon. It was severely challenging! Well Done David- an achievement to be proud of. Great to have you representing the RATS!

Bodmin Fire & Rescue Half Marathon- 21/02/2016

Mark Hutcheson- 1.33.41 Harvey Robert’Richmond- 1.44.21 Phil Aldis- 1.47.55 Michelle Teague- 2.23.42 Jane Hutcheson 2.33.16

Hameldown Hammer Half Marathon- 28/02/2016

Andy Virgin – 2.36.07 Nick Cleaver – 2.36.40

The Cousin jack Classic 5/03/2016

David Andrewarth, in his own words, describes the event: Well I created this event to give something back to the running community and to do something Cornish on St Piran’s Day because I’m a very proud Cornishman. The coastal route of 17(ish) miles between Cape Cornwall to St Ives took almost a hundred runners through undulating climbs,rocks,mud,streams and farm animals. This route is severe and is the hardest stretch in Cornwall and one of the most arduous and strenuous in the UK. So overwhelmed by the turnout and the extremely mad positive feedback from people comparing the event to other organisations.

Well done David-From all at Bude RATS.


Bideford Half Marathon 6/03/2016

Paul Corthine 1.28.21 Harvey Richmond 1.28.35 Kelvin Moyse 1.32.06 Chris Tucker 1.33.32 Toby Haigh 1.39.51 Rollo Mcgrath 1.55.21 Karen Bolt 1.56.08 Steaven beckett 2.01.37 Mark Flanagan 2.01.48 Becky Stirk 2.14.15 Michelle Teague 2.15.08 Sue Crocker-White 2.16.42 Lisa Dolan 2.18.51 Jane Wardlow 2.17.16 Konstantina Samara 2.18.12 Rowena Wilson 2.21.13 Maria Martin 2.27.12


 The Big Run Cornwall –  6/03/2016

17.3 Mile Super Serious Run Wayne Van Rensberg – 1.51.44 Mark Hutcheson – 1.57.03 Basie Van Rensberg – 2.24.47 Jane Hutcheson – 2.53.20 Susan Van Rensberg – 3.22.27 11 Mile Serious Run Phil Aldis – 1.15.38

Falmouth Half Marathon 13/03/2016

David Andrewartha 1.37.10 New PB for David as he knocks a whole seven minutes off of last years finish time.

The Grizzly 13/03/2016

Wayne Van Rensberg 2.50.18

Mark Hutcheson: 2.50.42

Phil Aldis 3.04.27
Steve Martin 3.16.36
Pienaar Rensberg 3.52.31
Lucy Bone 4.23.43
Claire Neal 4.32.53
Karen Snelson 4.32.55
Sarah Tonkin 4.32.54
Susan Rensberg 5.34.35
Jane Hutcheson 5.34.35


The Dark 19/03/2016

Phil Aldis 1.36.59 10 Miles,in the dark,with some mud and obstacles throw in for good measure-sound a bit like a winter Tuesday night run for the RATS! Well done Phil with another strong run.

Age UK Exeter 10k 20/03/2016

Paul Kinsman 42.21 Paul Says he scraped round, but we don’t believe him with that time! As he brings his excellent parkrun form up to 10k distance.

Godolphin sport relief 10k

David Andrewartha 40.20


An Res Hellys 10 Mile. 3/04/2016

David Andrewartha 1.11.47

Penzance Duathlon 10/04/2016

Phil Aldis took part in this event down in Penzance. The Cycle was cut to 8km due to high winds on the day-bikes being blown over on the transition still made for a manic changeover!

5k run-8k bike-5k run.Finish.
Phil Came home in 1 hour 5 minutes and 54.

The Tavy 13 10/04/2016

Rollo McGrath- 1hr 58
Rollo our lone RAT running at Tavy this year! Well done for flying the flag.

Kernow Vertical KM (St Agnes) 10/04/2016

David Andrewartha 2.32.35
15 miles total distance,on a very tough trail running route,1000m of ascent in total!
David taking on and doing well in another tough event, representing the RATS as he goes!

Plymouth Half Marathon 17/04/2016

David Andrewartha 1.33.17
Jason Tremlett 1.40.32
Robert Ireton 1.49.22
Claire Neal 1.54.33
Karen Bolt 1 .59.02
Karen Snelson 2.04.32
Lisa Doolan 2.13.07
Emma Hosie 2.19.11
Konstantina Samara 2.24.49
Maria Martin 2.36.34
Sue Crocker White 2.51.56
Kim Crocker White 2.51.57
Nicole Cornish 2.55.19
Melissa Lyon 2.55.19


Bodmin Moore 5 Tors 17/04/2016

Phil Aldis 1hr 12.35
4 seconds slower than last year but 5 places higher! (Stats from Phil!)

Brighton Marathon 17/04/2016

Toby Haigh 3hr 36minutes.
Long term RAT,Toby set a new PB at Brighton this year with a perfectly paced run. Well done Sir!

London Marathon 24/04/2016

Wayne Van Rensburg 3hr .00.44
Mark Hutcheson 3hr .03.02
Steve Martin 3hr .09.39
Richard Swann-Piper 3hr 19.06
Pienaar Van Rensburg 3hr 54.40
Jane Hutcheson 4hr.54.34
Susan Van Rensburg 5hr.24.50

8k OCR The Toughest 24/04/2016

Obstacle based 8k run,on the extreme side! Sand Bag carry,waterslide shoot into a cold lake,cargo nets and monkey bars,not to mention the 2x20kg water drums to carry,all taken on by our resident Ninja Paul Kinsman in a time of 2hours 10 mins!

Hartland Hartbreaker 1/05/2016

17 Mile route
Alex Mabey & Mark ward crossed the line together in 3:32:29
8 Mile route
Rollo Mcgrath (3rd in age cat) 1:25:42
Michelle Teague 1:38:38
Sean Jack 1:41:24

Tough Mudder 1/05/2016

Paul Kinsman was battered and bruised as he took on 11 miles of tough mudder,with 26 obstacles en’route!
Not officially timed but Paul made it round in 3 hours-scaling a 10ft wall,monkey bars,log carry and even some electric shock therapy along the way!

Trevornick 10Miler 8/05/2016

One of the toughest courses in the GP series (race 4) Undulating trails around Holywell Bay.
David Andrewartha 1:16:30

Leaky Freaky Duathlon 08/05/2016

5km run- 27mile Bike -5km run-27Mile Bike-5km run!
Kelvin Moyse 5:03:19
Sean Jack 5:22:48
Sadie Phillips 5:27:57


Imreys Half Marathon 15/05/2016

Mark Hutcheson 1:34:17
Phil Aldis 1:46:48
Jason Tremlett 1:54:26
Simon Willshire 1:55:14
Susan Van Rensberg 2:40:04
Jane Hurcheson 2:40:04

Bideford 10k 15/05/2016

Kelvin moyse 39.45
Toby Haigh 44.59
Sean Jack 45.56
Rollo McGrath 48.10
Leila Reay 49.14
Robert Webber 49.55
Claire Neal 51.25
Paul Corthine 51.25
Karen Bolt 51.47
Michelle Teague 53.05
Rowena Wilson 53.10
Jackie Webber 53.43
Fiona Hodges 57.57
Jane Wardlow 59.55
Karen Hilton 1.00.00
Konstantina Samara 1.04.42
Sue Crocker-White 1.05.16
Maria Martin 1.07.15
Andrea Souch 1.12.13
Nicole Cornish 1.13.54
1st in age cat for Leila with an amazing time,and a 3rd for Sean. Great running from all the Rats.

Hope 24 15/05/2016

David Andrewartha managed to clock up am amazing 60 miles in this 24hour-go as far as you can event! David,as ever,was raising money for charity along the way. Fast becoming the RATS extreme race specialist! Well done from all at the club.

Porth Valley View 10k 23/05/2015

David Andrewartha 42.20
Podium Finish as David came home 2nd overall in this race,down near Newquay. A rest week certainly has paid off!

Burrator 10k 22/05/2015

Paul Kinsman 41.23

Bampton to Tiverton 7 miler (&125 yards) 30/05/2015

Paul Kinsman 49.25
Time to slow down Paul- you’re getting dangerously fast here.

St Ives Bay 10k 30/05/2015

David Andrewartha 47.28
Sand,steps,dunes…and then the ‘Big Dune’ a race which david says was as nice as it was awful! (a toughie)

Cubert 5- 5/08/2016

David Andrewartha 33.00

The Classic Quarter 11/06/2016

David Andrewartha 9hours,21 minutes 58 seconds.
Phil Aldis 10hours,7 minutes 21 seconds
44 mile Ultra Marathon,well done boys!

The Ruby Run 12/06/2016

Mark Hutcheson 1hr 26
Jason Tremlett 1.36
Simon Willshire 1.45
Alex Hutcheson 2.07

Bude Life Boat Run 15/06/2016

Record turnout for our club hosted event this year! Lots of RATS helping to run the event on the night but the club was still represented on the course well.
Paul Kinsman 43.19
Toby Haigh 45.01
Simon Willshire 45.53
Rollo Mcgrath 48.20
Jo Garmory 52.16
Jackie Webber 53.58
Karen Bolt 54.01
Rowena Wilson 54.21
Jane Wardlow 59.47
Sue Crocker-White 1.02.25

Lanhydrock 10  18/06/2016

Phil Aldis 1.15.19

Meet your Max 21/06/2016

Phil Aldis – 56.08

Sticker 5 miler 25/06/2016

David Andrewartha 33.29

Exmoor UK Ironman 70.3 miler 26/06/2016

Kelvin Moyse- 36 minute swim-3hr34 Bike- 1hr 58 run
Awesome work from Kelvin, representing RATS here. In his own words….”Hilly to say the least!”
Well done Kelvin from all at the club.

North Devon AONB Marathon & Half 26/06/2016

Mark Hutcheson 3hr 41 (26.2)
Alex Hutcheson 2hr 41 (13.1)
Alex says: Well – not usually an off road fan but north Devon half definitely in my diary for next year. Hilly but not too much, sandy but not too much, muddy but not too much. Not sure if mark would have the same comments on the full marathon! Also lovely to see past RAT Gary Lowson.

Turkey Trot 6/07/2016

David Andrewartha 26.48

Cornwall Search and rescue fundraiser 10/07/2016

Wadebridge to Padstow and Back!
David Andrewartha 1.11.22

The Long Course Weekend Triathlon 9/07/2016

2.4 Mile swim,112 miles Bike (!!) and then a 26.2 Marathon.


Sadie took on this incredible challenge, raising money along the way for Cancer research, in Memory of her Mum. All the training and build up events paid off as she became a Finisher in this tough race, Sadie proves she’s as tough as anyone! Well done from everyone at RATS.

Poldhu 10k 14/06/2016

David Andrewartha 50.57
Bit of beach…bit of coastal track and a few inclines along the route!

Tavistock Relays 14/06/2016

Teams of 4,each running just over a mile (1.1) around Tavistock for the yearly town relays. A RATS favourite!

Mens Team 1
Chris Tucker 6.03
Richard Piper 5.59
Paul Diffey 7.06
Paul Corthine 6.08

Mens Team2
Jason Tremlett 6.23
Simon Wilshere 6.48
Stephen Hutchinson 7.15
Paul Kinsmann 6.31

Ladies Team 1
Clancy Lawrence 7.04
Lucy Bone Bone 7.55
Michelle Teague 7.49
Karen Bolt 7.19

Ladies Team 2
Jackie Webber 7.54
Jackie Wilce 9.10
Kiri Wilce 8.34
Clancy Lawrence 7.18

Ladies Team 3
Sarah Jones 8.15
Lisa Doolan 8.26
Jane Wardlow 8.59
Emma Hosie 9.24


Magnificent 7 Saltash 17/07/2016

David Andrewartha 52.29

Crossing Dartmoor 23/07/2016

David Andrewartha 6hours 25.
David’s training for the nearing RAT ultra race continues, with another great trail style run, this time as he crosses Dartmoor-north to south-34 miles.

Tywardreath Trotter 30/07/2016

Karen Bolt
Jane Wardlaw
Sue Crocker-white
Stephen Hutchinson

Indian Queens Half Marathon 07/08/2016

Georgia Higham 1hr44
David Andrewartha 1hr31

Great running from our RATS in this one, another solid run from David and a special well done from all at the club to Georgia as she completes her first half marathon.

The Great West Fell run 07/08/2016

Peter Devenport 38.19
1st place overall for our most rapid of RATS in this 5 mile fell run


07/08/2016 The Run for Mum 10k-Bangkok (!)

Phil Aldis 52.41
A race in honour of the Thai Queen.In Phil’s words:Very hot and very humid and a  time of 52:41.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that I was wearing my Rats vest as it was so hot.  They gave out the race t shirt before the start and as there were no luggage drop facilities I had to put it on and run with it on  as a second shirt!  Very sweaty.

St Leven 10km 12/08/2016

David Andrewartha 42.14

Roseland August Trail 13/08/2016

This year RATS were represented in this 32 mile trail run by Claire Strong, David Andrewatha, Karen Snelson and Nick Cleaver. See our facebook page for lots of reaction from our guys and gals,as they all came home safely in this mega challenge. Well done from everyone at RATS!


Trelissick 10k 20/08/2016


Stephen Hutchinson 52.37 1st in Cat
Simon Willshire 53.08
Karen Bolt 55.58
Sue Crocker-White 1.16.32

The Hangman Ultra 21/08/2016

David Andrewartha  5.23.21

Hangman 34 mile ultra today in Longparish, Hampshire 5:23:21 6th Male and 7th overall. Tough route but I was flying today. Best ever result in an ultra. Took me 12.5 miles to get into 7th and I stayed there for the next 21.5. Picked so many people off in that first 12 or so. Chuffed with that today.
Another great distance run from David, representing RATS in so many races so far this year. Keep it up David, great running.

Tough Mudder weekender 21/08/2016

Paul Kinsman managed to complete 2 laps (11 miles each!) of this crazy race over the weekend- and he managed to come home in one piece!


The Dartmoor Volcano Race 21/08/2016

Chris Tucker 1.33.55
Did you know of the actual volcano on Dartmoor? 😉
lots of hills, mud, water and a 2 mile fell run downhill type finish all taking place over 10.25 miles. Great fun & I came in 7th overall, so was chuffed!

The Dartmoor Volcano Race – 21.8.16 – www.puretrail.uk

Oak Croak 27/08/2016

Peter Devonport 1.18.49
Pete does it again, and wins overall in this years Oak Croak.

The Original Somerset Maverick trail race 27/08/2016

Mark Hutcheson 1.59.05 (1st overall)
Wayne Van Rensburg 2.06.26 (5th)
Another 1st finish for a RAT! Mark takes a surprise but deserved win in this 23km race with Wayne finishing in the top 5 too.
Well done lads from all at RATS.

Treggy 7 7/09/2016

David Andrewartha 47.43
Kelvin Moyse 48.00
Great running from both our lads in this local race.

Something Wild race. Dartmoor 11/09/2016

david Andrewartha 5hr 32 (29 miles route)

The Bude Pirate Run 11/09/2016

Wayne van Rensburg 1.00.15
Kelvin Moyse  1.07.00
Andy Cloke 1.07.37
Paul Corthine 1.07.53
Chris Tucker 1.07.53
Phil Aldis 1.09.12
Chris Moor 1.15.29
Isobel Waterhouse 1.21.23
Claire Strong 1.29.05
Sadie Phillips 1.30.50
Kate Van Rensburg 1.38.45
Basie VanRensburg 1.38.45

Well done to everyone involved in this years Bude Pirate run, RATS can be proud of putting on another great race!

The Truro Half Marathon 18/09/2016

Mark Hutcheson 1.28.53
David Andrewartha 1.38.16
Jane Hutcheson 2.21.07


Godrevy 10km 24/09/2016

David Andrewartha 55.56

Tough Mudder 24/09/2016

Our Own Paul Kinsman took part in another Tough Mudder over the weekend,this one after he had done the Crawley Tilgate Parkrun en’route in 20.45! Paul then went on to run 24 miles of obstacles over two laps in aid of a teenagers cancer trust Charity. Sunday saw Paul head out again for another lap of the 12 mile course. Amazing effort there for a great cause. Well done you RAT!

Abersoch Half Marathon 24/09/2016

Harvey Robert Richmond 1.45.09
Lisa Dolan 2.28.27

Barnstaple Marathon 25/09/2016

David Andrewartha 3.29.30

Barnstaple Half Marathon 25/09/2016

Mark Hutcheson 1.26.31
Sarah Jones 2.05.24 Alex Hutcheson 2.08.15

Tough Enuff & beyond 16k 25/09/2016

Paul & Claire took their places in a team which completed  2 laps of this crazy obstacle race- getting muddy along the way!

Glasgow Half Marathon 2/10/2016

Mark Hutcheson 1.23.44
Alex Hutcheson 2.05.00

Lanhydrock 10miler 8/10/2016

Phil Aldis 1.20.20
Simon Wilshere 1.29.24
Karen Bolt 1.31.37
Sue Crocker-white 1.49.56
Jane Wardlaw 1.50.18
Sarah Jones 1.53.07

Eden Marathon & 1/2 Marathon 16/10/2016

David Andrewartha 3.35.52
Mark Hutcheson 1.30.03
Alex Hutcheson
Sarah Jones 2.18.50
Konstantina Samara 2.38.06

Great West Run 16/10/2016

Andy Cloke 1hr.36
Chris Moore 1hr 48

White Rose Ultra

David Andrewartha -27 Hours 53Minutes
Incredible achievement from RAT David,as he completed the full 100 miles of this run.Amazing. Well done from everyone at the club.

St Micheals Mount remembrance run

David Andrewartha 29.36 (4.5 mile route)
Phil Aldis 31.54 -2nd in age Cat

The Drogo 10

Phil Aldis 1.22.05
Simon Willshire 1.29.11

The Bideford 10Miler


Click link for RATS results!

The Mob Match Falmouth

David Andrewartha 58.59

The Race for Wildlife

David Andrewartha 53.15
Dave’s 35 event of the year representing RATS in this 7.5 miler.

Ford sen Mighal: A pilgrimage

Mark hutcheson 1.39.48
Harvey 1.51.58
Pienaar Van Rensberg 2.10.14
Alex hutcheson 3.43.19
Sue Van Rensberg 3.43.19

The scrooge

David Andrewartha 2hr20.

Torrington xmas Caper

Mark H 1.10.14
Chris T 1.18.12
Phil A 1.19.37
Rob C 1.21.34
First time representing RATs for Rob,well done on taking on this tough xmas RAT tradition!