2017 Results

2017’s Rats results from around the world ,wear your RATS vest’s with pride!



Brown Wily Run

The traditional start to the year! New Years day, no numbers official times or too serious racing, just plenty of mud and a nice big hill! Phil Aldis & David Andrewartha representing the Rats this time.

Bath Skyline 10k

David Andrewartha 53.03
Another tough muddy run on a nicely torn up course!

Braunton 10 miler

Simon Willshire 1hr.16min 10 seconds

Muscat half Marathon

Sue Smith 2.16.53
Sue proudly wore her RATS vest as she completed the Muscat Half Marathon in Oman. Once a Rat always a Rat! 1st place in her category along the way-well done from everyone at the club.


Trelissick Nightrun

Phil Aldis 30.28
Phil took his place in this 7km (ish)night run. His hard work at training lately is certainly paying  off- as he went on to finish in 2nd position overall! Great running from RAT Phil.

The MSCP Marathon

David Andrewartha 3.39.07
A marathon which takes place in its entirety in a multi story carpark (Not Joking!)

Bodmin Half Marathon

Mark Hutcheson 1.36.50
Harvey Richmond 1.49.07
Robert Curtis 1.50.23
Phil Aldis 1.57.22
Michelle Teague 2.22.39


Maratona Funchal

A half Marathon taking place on Madeira Island,with a RAT represented!

Sue Crocker White 2.35.30

The Falmouth Half Marathon



David Andrewartha 1.29.28
A new half marathon PB for RAT David. Excellent work!

The Bideford Half Marathon

A RATS Fave! Well done to EVERYONE, great show from our new members.

J Brown — 1hr32m&2secs); H Richmond — 1.32.35; R Curtis — 1.35.25; A Cloke — 1.37.16; C Tucker — 1.37.28; K Moyse — 1.37.45; C Moore — 1.38.06; T Haigh — 1.40.14; R Webber — 1.51.27; M Kimpton — 1.56.11; S Jones — 1.58.54; J Webber — 2.03.15; E Edwards & L Tame — 2.05.06; C Finn — 2.05.08; R Penn — 2.20.51; H Darwin — 2.30.53


The Grizzly

Awesome efforts from our boys and girls in this years Grizzly!

Wayne Van Rensburg 2.52.37
Phil Aldis 3.07.04
Chris Moore 3.30.00
Paul Diffey 3.30.40
Paul Corthine 3.36.02
Harvey Richmond 4.39.31
Nathan Lyon 4.39.29
Claire Strong 4.39.30
Sarah Jones 4.39.33
Sarah Tonkin 4.39.38


Tavy 13

Well done too our fab Ladies over in Tavistock

Colleen Finn 2.08.51
Lisa Tame 2.08.51
Rachel Penn 2.21.47


An Res Hellys 10 miler

David Andrewartha 1.07.06

Davids outstanding form continues, as he records a new PB over 10 miles.

Forest of Dean Half Marathon

Phil Aldis 1.44.12

RAT Phil ran this recovery race post Grizzly with his brother,pacing him along the way.

Taunton Marathon

David Andrewartha 3.14.03
Another new (and very impressive!) PB for RAT David.


Brighton  Marathon

Wayne Van Rensburg 2.59.36
Toby Haigh 3.46.01

Well done to our boys in Brighton!

Kernow Vertical KM

David Andrewartha teamed up with his friend Anna Pascoe to run a leg in the relay race at the kvk this year
Dave completed his leg of the course in >>>>>

The 5 Tors



Mark Hutcheson 1.12.59
Phil Aldis 1.13.23
Simon Wilshire 1.14.17
Karen Bolt 1.23.45
Sue Crocker White 1.48.34
Jane Wardlaw 1.48.47

Plymouth Half Marathon

David Andrewartha 1.28.27
New PB for David over HM Distance here.

The London Marathon

For 2017 Rats were represented in London by:

Jane Hutcheson 4.40.31
Mark Hutcheson 3.19.03
Wayne Van Rensburg 3.17.27
Diana Stevens 5.29.30
Michelle Teague 5.01.06
Chris Moore 3.59.03
Isobel Waterhouse 4.00.34
Well done everyone! Remember if you would like to represent RATS next year and want to try and win our Club Spot,please enter the Public Ballot when it opens May 1st.

Hastings Half Marathon

Jackie Webber 2.09.08
Rob Webber 2.09.07
Jackie & Rob cross the line together! Well done from all at RATS.

The Hartland Hartbreaker

Results to follow

8.8 mile race

Chris Tucker 1.15.40
Simon Wilshere 1.18.57
Paul Courtine 1.37.00
Rollo 1.37.12
Emma Edwards 1.54.37
Colleen finn 1.54.59
Claire Strong 1.54.59
(msg me if I’ve missed your, results got mixed due to swoppage!)

18 mile Race

Mark Hutcheson 2.52.51
Phil Aldis 3.14.09
Rob Curtis 3.16.55

It was wet,muddy,bit blowey….but epic!


Trevornick 10

David Andrewartha 1.09.37
Top 30 finisher.

Torrington ‘Round the tree’

5km down then up race! Harvey Richmond came home in 19.30. Awesome to see him back to his speedy self after a hard fought injury battle.

RAT Race-Dirty Weekend.Burghley

Shane Darwin 6.44.31

Bideford 10k



Jeremy Brown 40.54
Kelvin Moyse 41.06
Chris Tucker 43.05
Rob Curtis 43.55
Tom Freeman 46.45
Karen Bolt 48.38
Leila Reay 50.21
Emma Edwards 52.39
Lisa Tame 53.02
Harvey Richmond 56.40
Colleen Finn 56.01
Sarah Jones 56.03
Helen Darwin 1.08.04

Category win for Leila Reay-a huge field-quite an achievement! Well done all RATS!

Imerys Trail Marathon

David Andrewartha 3.38.13

Imerys Trail Half-Marathon

Mark Hutch 1.35.46
Simon Wilshire 1.46.23
Phil Aldis 1.49.0
Alex Hutcheson 2.30.18



The Tsunami

16 miler

Mark Hutcheson 2.41.01
Lisa Tame 4.45.30
Alex Hutcheson 6.02.21
Sarah Jones 5.00.57
Colleen Fin 4.45.30
Sue Van Rensburg 6.02.21
Kate Van Rensburg 6.02.22
Helen Darwin 6.02.21

Marathon course
Claire Strong 7.18.59
Lara Trewin7.18.59
Rob Curtis 6.17.43
Shane Darwin 6.09.11
Michelle Teague 8.44.59

Cubert 5

David Andrewartha 30.55 (new PB)

Bude Lifeboat Run

Click here for full results of this club Organised event!
Senior results 2017


The Ruby Run

Andy Cloke 1.47.00
Mark Hutcheson 1.31.25
Alex Hutcheson 2.08.45

Congratulations to Alex as she picked up a category win in the f55 race and a prize for the oldest female competitior. Well done from all at the club.

Meet your Max

Simon Wilshere 58.20
Jane Wardlaw  1.27.11
Sue Crocker-White 1.26.44
Karen Bolt 1.02.37

Torbay Half Marathon

Chris Moore 1hr 53

The Looe 10 Miler

Robert Curtis 1.24.31

Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Mark Hutcheson 6hr 10

Woolacombe Half Marathon

Sarah Jones 2.36.30

Boconnoc 5

Simon Willshire 37.35
Karen Bolt 41.35
Jane Wardlaw 57.16
Sue Crocker White 1.07.12

Indian Queens Half Marathon


David Andrewartha 1.27.12
Mark H & Paul C 1.28.29
Richard Swann Piper 1.34.05
Simon Wilshire 1.42.42
Rob Curtis 1.43.08
Karen Bolt 1.47.18
Sarah Jones 2.05.22
Alex hutch 2.07.47
Sarah Haigh 2.09.21
What a turnout for our RATS! Great running from all.

St Ive’s Bay 10k

David Andrewartha- 45.11

Dartmoor The Crossing

Paul Corthine
Shane Darwin
Lara Trewin

DartMoor The Great Escape

Claire Strong

Vichy (France) Ironman

Kelvin Moyse 12 hours 32 minutes. 2.4 mile swim (no wetsuits),112 miles bike ride followed by a full marathon,all in the same day! Incredible effort from Kelvin.A great achievement fitting the training in around his busy job too. Well done from all at RAts.


The Treggy 7

David Andrewartha 46.33 (pb)
Sean Jack 55.24
Well done to our boys here. New PB for David and a welcome back to action for Sean after Injury.

Bude Pirate run

Our club organised race! Full results click link:
Rats results:
Wayne Van Rensburg 1.02.34
David Andrewartha 1.02.58
Jeremy Brown 1.03.47
Richard Swann-Piper 1.06.02
Paul Corthine 1.06.18
Harvey Richmond 1.07.13
Shane Darwin 1.07.57
Andy Cloke 1.11.30
Robert Curtis 1.11.37
Phil Aldis 1.12.20
Sean Jack 1.15.19
James Cann 1.16.07
Mark Ward 1.18.25
Ben Rogers 1.18.43
Andy Virgin 1.19.32
Kate Van Rensburg 1.29.48
Basie Van Rensburg 1.29.48
Bo Strohm 1.35.20
Robert Webber 1.39.11
Sarah Cann 1.51.18
Amazing turn out and effort from all our RATS!

Truro Half

David Andrewartha 1.30.36

A PB on this course of over 7 minutes for RAT David!


Bude Triathlon

Rollo Mcgrath 1hr 33 minutes.

Killerton Half Marathon

Lisa Tame- 2.47.46
Colleen Finn- 2.47.46


The Barnstaple Half Marathon

Jez Ethrington 1.23.54
Mark Hutcheson 1.26.29
Kelvin Moyse 1.36.18
Karen Bolt 1.43.51
Clare Strong 2.02.23
Rachel Penn 2.23.25
Alex Hutcheson 2.02.08



Age Cat Win for new RAT Jez,well done from everyone at the club!
Great running from all rats at this years race.

Lanhydrock 10

Phil Aldis 1.21.59
38th overall and 2nd in age Cat-Good bling this year im told!

The Cardiff Half Marathon

Georgia Higham 1.44.33
Representing Bude RATS whilst she is away on her studies, Georgia put in a rapid time around the streets of Cardiff

The Eden Half

Rob Curtis 1.47.22
An incredible 15 and a half minutes knocked off last years time.Well played Bob.

Burton Bradstock Marathon

David Andrewartha 3.34.47

The Amsterdam Marathon

Claire Strong 4.22.13
Paul Corthine 3.17.21
Karen Bolt 3.46

more results to follow


The Amsterdam Half Marathon


Bideford 10miler

Rachel Penn 1.44.05,Collen Finn 1.32.21,Lisa Tame 1.32.20 Sarah Jones 1.32.02 Alex H 1.31.11 Jackie & Rob Webber 1.30.47 Martin Murphy 1.21.21 Anna Nayler 1.20.22 Karen Bolt 1.16.08 Sean Jack 1.15.13 Toby 1.14.25 Chris T 1.12.33 Bob 1.12.28 Joe Weghofer 1.09.53 Kelvin 1.08.00 Mark H 1.06.10 Paul Corthine 1.06.09 Jez Brown 1.03.27
Such a good turnout, well done everyone.

The Drogo 10

Mark Hutcheson 1.16.46
Phil Aldis 1.23.09
Mike Tunney 1.26.51
Simon Willshire 1.30.30
Andy Virgin 1.35.17
Karen Snelson 1.50.53
Alex Hutcheson 1.59.38

The Liverpool Mo’run 10k

Jacqui Wilce 1.04.15

Torrington Xmas Caper

A ratties Fave!

Jeremy Brown 1.13.10
Harvey 1.19.48
Phil Aldis 1.24.01
Paul Corthine 1.24.01
Paul Diffey 1.25.05
Mike Tunney1.26.12
Rob Curtis 1.26.34
Sean Jack1.27.32
Anne Carter1.38.08
Karen Snelson 1.54.23
Claire Strong 1.54.23
Karen Hilton 1.54.23