2019 Results

Rats results from all over the world!


The Brown Willy Run

Traditional start to the year for a few muddy RATS! No results or times, just lots of going up, a bit of mud & a few laughs along the way!

xxx Media Half Marathon-Santa Pola

Craig Harper- 1hr 37


Oh My Obelisk! Half Marathon

Paul Corthine 2.07.05
Mike Tunney 2.07.06
Stuart Colwill 2.14.44
Claire Strong 2.29.56
Karen Hilton 2.29.57


Cardinham 10km Twilight run

Off road-Headtorch running!
Phil Aldis 49.52
Paul Corthine 57.43
Karen Hilton 1.03.50
Lisa Tame 1.03.51
Claire Strong 1.03.56
Stuart Colwill 1.03.58
Lara Trewin (Cani Cross Run) 54.42

Bodmin Half Marathon

Harvey Richmond 1.40.19
Mark Hutcheson 1.45.30
Richard Swann Piper 1.48.44
Phil Aldis 1.52.06
Mike Tunney 1.57.48
Stephen Hutchinson 1.58.12
Rob Curtis 2.05.13
Sarah Tonkin 2.18.04
Lisa Rutlidge 2.26.39
Karen Snelson 2.26.39
Alex Hutcheson 2.27.21
Anne Carter 2.28.43
Zoe Gladwell 2.55.05
Natalie Rogers 2.42.46

Great turnout from the RATS!

Bideford Half Marathon

Toby Haigh 1.42.11
Paul Diffey 1.45.05

The Grizzly

Jeremy Brown 2.55.34
Mark Hutcheson 3.02.25
Phil Aldis 3.10.32
Richard Swann-Piper 3.21.17
Andy Cloke 3.27.58
Stu Colwill 3.44.48
Alex Boardman 3.54.04
Claire Strong 3.55.25
Lisa Tame 3.55.25
Paul Corthine 3.56.47
Rob Curtis 3.56.47
Lara Trewin 4.01.21
Martin Murphy 4.07.17
Rollo 4.21.31
Karen Hilton 4.23.15
Colleen Finn 4.23.15
sarah Tonkin 4.42.53
Karen Snelson 4.42.53
Harvey Richmond 4.18.53


The Bath Half Marathon

Rollo McGrath 1hr.57

Weymouth Half Marathon

Mark Hutcheson 1.36.18
Alex Hutcheson  2.03.43

XLVII Media  Half Marathon Elche

Craig Harper 1.35.23

The Deep river trail Half marathon


Tavy 13

Mark Hutcheson 1.35.44
Alex Hutcheson 2.15.14
Karen Snelson 2.15.15

Granite Way 20

Sean Jack 2.52.52

Taunton Half Marathon

Mark Hutcheson 1.32.33
Alex Hutcheson 2.02.19

Matoshinos Half (near Porto!)

Rats on tour

Mark Hutcheson 1.32.17
Alex Hutcheson 2.03.00

Keswick Half Marathon

Mark Hutcheson 1.33.43
Alex Hutcheson 2.11.00

The Yellow Welly Cobble Wobble (!)

A new run for 2019,in Clovelly. Looks like our Rats Had a fab time



Bideford 10km

Jennifer Sharp 1.11.08
Ben Rutlidge 1.11.52
Simon Dowling 1.12.04
Lauren Dowling 1.12.14
Rowena Wilson1.02.53
Rob Webber 59.48
Zoe Gladwell 58.34
Fiona Jollow 57.25
Jackie Webber 56.36
Amanda Congdon 52.23
Leila Reay 51.32
Sean Jack 47.42
Rob Curtis 46.25
Chris Tucker 42.22



Leeds Half Marathon

Alex Hutcheson 2.04
Mark Hutcheson 1.36

Preseli Beast

Phil Aldis 4-18-53
24 tough old miles….with over 4500ft of ascent! Twice in 2 years for our Phil on this race.

Anglian water Grafham Olympic distance Triathlon

Craig Harper 2.00.35
Bude Rat, Craig qualified in his age group to represent GB im the European Tri Championships.
His performances of late are on course to be enough to qualify for the GB team to go on and compete in Canada.

Blenheim Palace Triathlon

Evan Whibley 1hr 45 Minutes

Liverpool Marathon

Karen Snelson 4.44.31
Lisa Rutlidge 4.28.15

Isle of Skye Half Marathon

Phil Aldis 1.40.57

Ruby Run Half Marathon


Helensburgh & Lomond Highland Games Race

Five and a half miles…Straight up,then back down a local hill!

Phil Aldis 48.51

New Forest Triathlon

 Forestman Middle distance
Jez Brown 5.05.23

Arlington Court Canter

Paul Kinsman 45.12
9th overall and a age category win for Paul. Well done from all at rats!


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