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Bude RAT’s Pirate Run 2022

The date for the Bude RAT’s Pirate Run has been set for Sunday 11 September 2022, starting at 1030.  Entries for the run will be open on 1 June 2022.


Bude Lifeboat Run and Junior Run 2022

The Bude Lifeboat Run for 2022 is arranged and the booking links open on 0900 1 March 2022.  Go to the Lifeboat Run page for more details (

Weekly Training

For more information on out weekly training sessions please click ‘here‘.

Club committee – 2021/22


Vice Chairman


Membership Secretary


Junior Rep /Senior Welfare Officer

Social Secretary

Social Media

Club Captain (Male)

Club Captain (Female)

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Website Manager

Simon Finn

Chris Tucker

Maryl Steyn

Karen Bolt

Martin Shannon

Matt Hodgson



Bob Curtis

Karen Hilton

Helen Darwin

Phil Aldis

Andre Pollard

Vacant (Chris Menlove-Platt co-opted to the role)

Other Roles

Session Coaches Mark Hutcheson

Robert Curtis

Leila Reay

Chris Tucker

Chris Menlove-Platt

Sean Jack

Andy Cloke

Colleen Finn

Phil Aldis

Karen Hilton

Karen Bolt

Nigel Grant

Lisa Tame

Junior Treasurer

Junior Welfare Officer

Kit/Club Clothing

Press Officer

EA Coaches

Rachel Loom

Maryl Steyn

Karen Bolt

Chris Tucker

Matt Hodgson – Level 2

Chris Menlove-Platt – CiRF

EA Leaders/Coach Assistants Leila Reay – LiRF

Karen Snelson – Coach Assistant

Chris Tucker – LiRF

Mark Hutcheson – LiRF

Colleen Finn – LiRF

Robert Curtis – LiRF

Phil Aldis – LiRF

Karen Hilton – LiRF

Karen Bolt – LiRF

Nigel Grant – LiRF

Lisa Tame – LiRF

Lisa Doolan – LiRF

Simon Finn – LiRF

Helen Moore – LiRF

Will Medland

Anna Tanner

Nicki Furse

Laura Kendrick

Bude Lifeboat Run Director

Bude Pirate’s Run Director

Stephen Hutchinson

Jane Stephens

Committee members may be contacted by e-mailing  Put at the top of the e-mail the name to which it is to be forwarded.


To help keep this website right up to the minute, please e-mail your news, views, results and photos to: All are welcome and will be considered for both the website and the newsletters.

Senior and Student Membership

Code of Conduct and Membership Forms are available from the bottom of this page.

The annual Senior Membership (18+) subscription for 2021/22 has been discussed by the Committee and a new membership year will start on 1 April 2021.

The club is affiliated to England Athletics (EA).
Members can opt (on payment of the additional £15 fee) to have their personal details registered with England Athletics by Bude RATs (as their ‘First Claim’ club). Such members will receive an EA competition licence number which entitles them to a discounted entry fee when entering events organised under a UK Athletics (UKA) race licence. (Note, this licence also runs from 1 April to 31 March so new applicants will receive their licence number during April. )

The club is also registered with ARC (Association of Running Clubs)
This means that any member can claim the race discount when entering races organised under an ARC permit (such as the Bideford Half Marathon, 10 km & 10 miler events organised by Bideford AAC)

Application form for joining or renewing membership.

Details of Tuesday and Thursday evening training sessions are on the TRAINING SESSIONS page.
More information for those considering joining or visiting us.

Junior Membership

Code of Conduct and Membership Forms are available from the bottom of this page

The Junior Membership subscription is £30 and is renewable on 1st February each year.  This is the Junior membership form.

Details of the Thursday evening junior training sessions are on both the JUNIORS and TRAINING pages.
More information for those considering joining or visiting us

Club clothing

Club Membership Forms, Information & Codes of Conduct

The following documents are available for download in PDF format:

Senior Membership Form – Pending Committee decision on annual fees for 2020/21
Junior Membership Form – Junior RATs Membership Form

Club Constitution – CLUB CONSTITUTION

Junior RATS General Information
Junior RATS Code of Conduct
Athletes Code of Conduct
Club Code of Conduct
Coaches Code of Conduct
Parents Code of Conduct