Coronavirus Updates

As we have come out of Lockdown 3 , here is the latest update on the state of play with the club etc:

The rules are very simple at the moment and fall into two categories:

  1. Organised club runs led by qualified group leader under club auspices – up to 12 (including the leader) may run in accordance with club risk assessment.

2. Runs organised by individuals but not club runs – even if a qualified group leader is there – up to 6 may run 

All runs must make sure they follow government guidelines on socially distancing both from each other and the public. 

Also here is our latest risk assessment that has been conducted by the Covid Co-Ordinator as well as links to England Athletics guidance for groups that wish to run together and the UK Government’s advice on the phased return to sport and recreation.

EA Roadmap 2021 for COVID-19

Risk Assessment for Club organised runs

Risk Assessment: Running in independent groups not under Club but through Club Facebook under Coronavirus restrictions