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Sunday 23 December – Torrington Christmas Caper

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A few more photos from the race

Sunday 9 December – Christmas Fancy Dress Run

They say every pictures tells a story. Here are 8 to make you think!

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Sunday 11 November – Remembrance Run 4.2m Beach run

Last leg 2012 Cornish Multi Terrain

Sunday 14 October Race for Wildlife

9th leg 2012 Cornish Multi Terrain

Holly, 66, waiting for the start standing next to Batman!

Check the orginal, I’m sure that flag has moved!

Picture by John Prady. Many thanks for the use.
More pictures by John for this and many other events   are here

Saturday 13 October Mouth to Mouth

Organised by The National Trust and supported by Bude RATs, this is the second year for the Mouth to Mouth. Numbers were up on last year despite a few ‘no shows’ (probably because of the weather leading up to the start). But just in time the rain stopped and by half way around the sun was trying to shine, showing off those stunning views of the North Cornwall Coast. This year we also welcomed a party from Ergue-Gaberic (our twinned town) and known by some for Le Trail de l’Odet and the Ergue to Bude relay back in May 2009.

If you would like to send in your story about the Mouth to Mouth, we’d love to publish it here.
A selection of pictures follows

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Sunday 16 September Great North Run & Junior Great North Run

A few words fron Ang regarding The Great North Run:-

If you are looking for a half marathon run with an amazing atmosphere, similar to what you get in the London Marathon, this is one to do. 55,000 runners take part but I promise you can find space to run. The course starts in Newcastle and finishes on the lovely coast of South Shields. Supporters and bands to cheer you all the way. This is an undulating course on road but with all the training on the Cornish hills it will be a breeze for most Bude Rats runners.

Holly and Lee enjoyed the 4K Junior runs which were held on Newcastle Quayside alongside the City Games. Very well organised and Holly is already looking to go back next year.

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Sunday 25 August Trelissick 10k

8th leg 2012 Cornish Multi Terrain

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Sunday 18 August R.A.T. Roseland August Trail

32, 20 or 11 miles

Join the R.A.T Race! By Katie Davis

Many off-road races come bearing warnings like “one of the toughest races in the country” or “will turn your legs to jelly and your brain to mush” to alert the unsuspecting runner. Not so the Roseland August Trail or R.A.T, held on the 18th August at Porthpean. Superb organisation, an amazing location and a great atmosphere lured 9 Bude RAT’s into a false sense of secuRATy, before they headed to the start and a swift reality check on the mother of all courses!

Mark Hutcheson, Becky Healey, Bridget Funnell and Roger Nosworthy completed an unrelenting and brutal 32 mile “black” route along the coast path from Anthony Head back to race HQ at Porthpean. Alex Hutcheson, Paul George, Jo Barraclough, Fionagh Harding and Katie Davis ran the 20 mile “red” route from Portloe back to Porthpean. It is the hardest race I’ve done to date: changeable weather from driving rain to blazing sunshine, endless hills, deep mud that held on to your trainers, spat you out down hills and weighed you down the whole way round, and all based in an area with the least amount of level ground seemingly in the whole world.

Somehow, despite all this, it was an amazing day and one which, now my legs feel my own again, I would definitely repeat. It’s hard to believe that this is the first year of the R.A.T. With three different distances on offer and over 300 runners to cater for, the event ran like clockwork from start to finish and the race HQ put it in a league of its own. The camaraderie and support from the organisers, marshals and other runners kept you going even in the face of yet another wall of sheer steps up yet another hill. Rumours are circulating of a 64 mile option for next year, but with options of 12, 20, 32 or 64 there’s something for everyone. For the challenge, the scenery, the atmosphere, the post race party and the biggest concentration of hillside steps in the northern hemisphere, this is a definite must-run.

Thursday 19 July – Tavy Town Relay

Teams of 4 with each member running a 1.1 mile leg.

A new concept for RATs, enthusiastically supported by friends and families, enabled us to enter 6 Junior and 6 Senior Teams for the event.

Not knowing what to expect, more than 60 Ratlets, RATs, parents and friends rocked up at the Wharf in Tavistock for the pre race registration. It was soon clear that we were taking on some of the biggest clubs in the area, who were taking the competition very seriously….no need to worry though.

The 6 teams of Ratlets had been well prepared by Coaches Jane Cann and Kate Greenaway and their team, achieving 1 First, 1 Second, 3 Third and 1 Fourth place, excellent results. Frances Fox, Lottie Clemens and William Blee deserve a special mention, they all ran twice, competing for two different year groups simultaneously.

The 6 senior teams, some of whom only got together at the last minute had little time to prepare, however, they all did a great job, producing 1 Second, 1 Third and only missing another podium place by 8 seconds……Helen Heard put in terrific runs for both Senior and Vet Teams, and Jas Finney stormed round in 6min 26secs despite getting badly trampled at the start which cost her time, badly shaken Jas carried on bravely to help her team secure a 3rd place.

A great evening for RATs of all ages.

Sunday 15 July – The Pyworthy Challenge

10k’ish Adults. 3k 12-15yrs. 1.5k 11yrs & under

The pictures are here so now all we need are some words ……

If you were there send me your one line message starting with …

I entered the Pyworthy Challenge because …

I’ll start you off.
I entered the Pyworthy Challenge because if I didn’t, the runners at the front would have no one to beat!  Ray.

I entered the Pyworthy Challenge because if I didn’t, Ray would have no one to beat!   Annie.

I entered the Pyworthy challenge so that I could do an impression of the Pied Piper as my kids and their friends
ran me (no not carried me) to the finish line – I also needed an excuse to eat the lovely tea and cakes provided – beautiful weather, what a fabulous family day out, will be there next year chasing Ray & Annie.   Judy.

More Please !

Fingle Dash 10k. 8 July

On a beautiful Sunday morning at Fingle Bridge, we stood at the start looking at the steep hills on either side of us and thought “I hope it’s not that way!” It was very tempting to settle down at a picnic bench with a glass of something! by the very inviting looking Fingle Bridge Inn and gaze into the sparkling River Teign which flows past.

Our thoughts soon changed as we were soon off on the challenging run ahead. The course consisted of 2 laps which incorporated the Hunters path. The route out was along a track which was very muddy due to the excessive rain over the past few days. We gradually climbed before turning right over a granite stile. We crossed the River Teign up to the base of the Castle Drogo before reaching the Hunters path, following the ridge back to Fingle Bridge. The views from the top were fantastic along the valley. The run down to the bridge was very steep and slippery before running past the start, to continue with the second lap.

This was a new event and was meant to be 10Kish run but was a fraction under 13K. The organisers are looking to revise the distance next year. We would recommend this run as a good event!

Bude Lifeboat Run. 13 June

4th leg 2012 Cornish Multi Terrain Race Series

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Ray writes… The guest poet missed the train so was unavailable for this event. In 2011 the Lifeboat run had a start line of 140. For 2012 there were 275. I suspect that being the 4th leg of the 2012 Cornish Multi Terrain Race Series this year probably had something to do with it! A race within a race then!

Pre-race however was relaxed, almost serene, the distraction of the Junior 1 Mile race probably being the reason. 28 Junior RATs (actually, 27 plus a Junior RAT in waiting) made up nearly a third of the 102 starters. The RATties results are on the Juniors page and very impressive they are too!

Now, we all know from training nights how narrow the tow path is, so it came as a surprise to me that we set off in the opposite direction to what I expected and headed along the side of the canal with a ditch one side and the canal the other. Which side to pass on? Thankfully we were soon back on the cycle path again and the problem resolved.

At the Weir, the first off-road up-hill section took the group around me by surprise and so I was able to pass quite a few in the first 100 yards or so. This was helped significantly by the 2 horses previously on the right of the field, joining in by standing in the middle of the path and refusing to move. The mud on the climb was very churned up by everyone in front of me so I’ve made a note to run much faster next year and avoid this terrible inconvenience!

By the time we were back on the tow path I think the leader had finished, well he wasn’t held up in the mud like we were, so I just maintained my pace and will wait for next year to stage my big come back. Oh yes and I’m not competing for a place in the Olympics this year either. I’ll be 62 in 2016 and at my peak.

Around the Roseland Adventure Race. 9 June

Katie writes … 8 Go Adventuring

2km sea kayak from St Mawes harbour? Ooo, sounds tricky but – hey, I like a challenge so count me in. 11km coastal run? Lovely, yes please. 28.5km road bike? Well, I haven’t trained much and it’s been a while but, go on then, why not! 3km coastal run? Again, sounds lovely, I’m there. What days are these separate events taking place on? Ha ha, sounded like you said it was all one event! Imagine!… What? It really is just one day? One discipline after the other with no let up, hill after endless hill, step after painful step getting more and more tired until the final 3km run feels never ending, your legs are barely turning and you look down to see a dead snail overtaking you?

At this point the sensible person politely declines the invitation and does something saner like skateboarding to China or sailing across the Atlantic on a comb. Not so the eight Bude AdventuRAT’s, 4 of whom were experiencing adventure racing for the first time. Certain members in fact, not content with the 3 disciplines required of the Around Roseland Adventure Race on Saturday 9th June, added to the list with ‘extreme tent erecting’ the night before. The horrendous gales which battered the Cornish coastline that week thankfully died away that evening and race day dawned with near perfect conditions. An early 8.30am start saw the RATs take to their kayaks for the first leg, teams Paul Collins & Steve Pitcher and Lara Trewin & Katie Davis in doubles with Sarah Tonkin, Jo Barraclough, Bridget Funnell and Roger Nosworthy flying solo.

And fly they did. Expert kayaking tuition from Nic Hammond prior to the race saw the RATs take the 2km sea crossing in their stride, surfing into the first transition area to begin a challenging coastal run. The atmosphere was fantastic among the competitors, with jelly babies, water, banter and advice on directions being bandied about. The cycle seemed to contain all the up-hill in Cornwall but the friendly marshals and camaraderie kept you going to the final 3km run. The end was in sight and this part of the route could not have been kinder, a smooth flat grassy track gently winding towards St Mawes. On the day, however, it felt like a infinite highway of pain, stretching relentlessly into the distance… Never ones to be beaten by a dead snail the AdventuRAT’s dug deep to storm the finish; exhausted and elated! A beautiful setting for a unique challenge. The next one you say? Oh, go on then….

St Austell Half Marathon. 20 May

3rd leg 2012 Cornish Multi Terrain Race Series

Katie writes … One small step for RATs, one giant leap for RATkind

On Sunday 20th May, 8 Bude RATs went where no RAT has been before – along the Imreys sand roads and trails of St Austell in the inaugral Imerys Clay Country Half Marathon. The race is the 3rd in the Cornwall Multi Terrain Series and definitely lived up to its “multi terrain” billing. Runners set off along quiet roads and footpaths before encountering the surreal but beautiful moonscapes of the Imreys Quarry. This lunar landscape stretched as far as the eye could see, broken only by the neon clothing of the runners winding their way up the seemingly endless hills ahead. The route steadily ascended from the start until around mile 7 when runners crested Hensbarrow Downs, the highest point in mid Cornwall. The last few miles brought runners back down to earth with a downhill joy of wooded trails, shady lanes and local supporters handing out much needed jelly babies.

Prior to the race, enjoying the plush surroundings of Cornwall College with its immaculate and queue-less toilets, impeccable organisation and the friendliest of atmospheres, it would have been easy to think that off road running had gone soft. It seems that every race, unless it’s billed as flat and having “great pb potential”, is now described as “one of the hardest in the country”. It is safe to say, however, and my burning quads will back me up, that this race probably does merit the description. A great event, friendly and superbly organised, and offers a unique opportunity to run on paths and trails not usually open to the public.

Mark Hutcheson rocketed round in 1:31:49 to take 3rd place in his age group, Bridget Funnell’s meteroric rise saw her take 2nd place in her category in 2:03:53 and the ladies team went into orbit on finding out they had come third overall.

Tamar 10k. 20 May

Lake Tamar by Monrose C. Daly

By a hillside near Kilkhampton, does the mighty Tamar course,
Did the locals dam that torrent, in a time long long ago.

By the waters of Lake Tamar, came the runners to compete
Many tribes in many colours, Bude RATs mingle, 12 or so.

Came a message over p.a. not long now so gather round,
After warm up, with some music, to the start line we all go.

On the ‘b’ of bang we started, jostled for our running space,
Clockwise round the lake we cantered, some quite fast and others slow.

Passing walkers, pushchairs, children, exercise for everyone,
Dogs excited, smiles & greeting, making time to shout hello.

Sun is brighter, getting warmer, water station coming up,
Grab a cup and sip the content, splash some more from head to toe.

Leave the lakeside cross the meadows, down the paths and over stiles,
Through the trees, in shade and shelter, a Bluebell and Red Campion show.

Join the lane, the lowest section, start a winding climb back home,
Mouth is dry and legs are burning, the only sounds now, puff and blow.

By the water of Lake Tamar, all the runners make it back,
Some quite quickly, others slower, spirits high, but status quo!

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Bideford 10k. 13 May

Maria writes… The sun was shining, the suncream applied. We gathered in a gaggle at the start, oh were off!! A lot of pushing and shoving and bumping till I found a clear path. It seemed a long way to the turn at Instow and the drinks station. I gladly took a bottle and enjoyed the run back along the scenic track, not so good when you can see the finish across the water. So pleased to see the end, thanks to all the RATs who cheered me in.

Ellen writes… I was slightly disappointed I didn’t get under 50 minutes, but I achieved a personal best and there is always next year.

Judy writes… On Sunday I ran my first 10k, Hayley & I were so determined not to set off too fast that quite soon into the race we were actually last! But when we found our ‘go on forever pace’, talking all the way, we plodded past one then another then another knocking 3 minutes of our estimated finish time. The group of RATs running that day from the elite to us were so wonderfully supportive, it’s such a lovely feeling being cheered in at the end by familiar faces. I wasn’t planning on racing when I joined RATs but now I think I’m hooked!

Ray writes… Once again the sun shone on the RAT pack, all 18 of us. There was a very relaxed atmosphere when Annie & I arrived, in fact so relaxed we had to push people out of the way with the bonnet of the car in order to park! (only kidding, it was the boot actually). When we met with the others I noticed that Steven was sporting a very striking and streamlined new hair cut – every second counts!

After the usual mix of warm ups, loo runs and photos everyone was directed into the middle of the road for the start. Thankfully the traffic was stopped first. I have no idea if the start was a whistle, a gun, a man saying ready-steady-go, a gracious wave by a local dignitary or just the door of the lion cage being opened, because there was no sound, just we herd moving along the river front towards the old bridge. Although I’d intended to run with Steven at the start, within 50 metres I’d lost site of all the other RATs, both ahead and behind.

The only water station was at 5k and at 2k I really wished I’d carried a drink. At the water station a little girl informed the woman in front of me that she was 231st (as it happens out of 520 finishers) so at least I had a target for the second half – inside the first 200. However Ellen was in my sites around 6k and then after 7k Paul was about 150-200 metres ahead. I had to grind it out and finished about 4 metres behind him. Ellen was close behind, then Rowena and Alex and Annie not too long after that. In less than a minute Steven and Leila came bounding along the Quay. We missed Liz and Anthony (sorry) but cheered Maria (a solo finish) and then Judy and Hayley, who felt like doing it again! Jasmine, someone has stolen your skipping rope and where can I buy a ‘go on forever pace’

Bocconoc 5 2nd leg 2012 Cornish Multi Terrain Race Series. 6 May

Ang Martin writes… I have to say it was set in one of the most beautiful venues I’ve experienced in quite some time. Boconnoc Estate is really lovely. You can get a little idea from the background in the picture.

The actual run was quite tough. It was a mixture of country lanes and woodland tracks. It was pretty hilly, a few places with several inches of water to wade through and plenty of slippery deep mud to get through too. I really thought I was losing my grip in places.

All in all it was a very well organised event and turned out to be a sunny run in the end.

The next event in the series is the St. Austell Half on May 20th

Bude RATs 1st Hash Run. 6 May

As a Hasher for over 20 years, yes I’m biased, and yes it was Annie’s and my trail, but despite that, this was a brilliant run on a brilliant sunny morning. We were 14 in total including our celebrity guests (Phil and Maureen) from Berkshire Hash, and also including a very unexpected, but very welcome Max from Malvern Hash( who is staying in Widemouth for a week and found the details of the hash on our website (so now we know it really works!)

A big thank you to everyone who turned up and another one because you really got stuck in to all the checking and calling. We have been asked when the next hash would be? And in years to come your children (or grandchildren) may ask you “Where were you the day of the first Bude RATs Hash?”

Another big thank you to Phil this time (unable to run because of knee injury) for taking all the photos including the one with Alex clearly in front of Mark going up to the pepper pot! ON ON Ray

Click small picture for the big picture


Chagford Challenge. 22nd April

30/21/16 Mile Walk/Run

While the masses were pounding the streets of London, RATs Jeff Cherrington, Roger Nosworthy, Bridget Funnell, Nic Hammond and Sue Roper were on top of the world ……on Dartmoor, coping with wind, rain, hail and occasionally some very welcome sunshine. The C C is an annual event organised by The Long Distance Walkers assoc. and they also allow a few runners… There are no times, race numbers or results, so no pressure but what there is plenty of is food… food at the start, at every check point and finishing with a cream tea and baked potato with a choice of fillings. Everything from Cruditees, Pizza, Cake, Jelly and even an alcoholic Bread and Butter pud (helped deaden the pain from the 30 mile)… So all rather well catered for…

As this was a self navigating event Bridget thought it would be best to hook up with a few runners from South Devon who knew the route well, Shameless, Rambo and Gromit were to be the guides for the 30 mile. Despite the weather the route was stunning and took the runners up and over at least 10 Tors and some seriously steep and long hills, taking us through some of Dartmoors hidden treasures.     What a stunning part of the country we live in. To get the full experience of this event go to  where you can get a good look at all that food. You can just skip over the pictures of people strolling around looking lost!

Le Trail de l’Odet (12 & 26 Km) Ergué Gabéric. 21 April

A must for all those who love off road running. Beautiful steep wooded valleys, narrow paths, tree roots, big boulders, deep river crossings and muddy ditches, streams to jump, apple orchards and much more.

Le Trail basically follows the River Odet near Quimper in Brittany. It works its way down one side, traversing the river twice, then works its way back up the other side.

Not as many long hills as the Grizzly but the pace was about the same, some paths were narrow and slippery and one bank involved hanging onto a rope to descend. It then starts to work its way over some of the little tributary streams, through fields, meadows and hamlets before working its way around an apple orchard and finally running through a cider factory before finishing back at the big sports complex.

Rob and I decided to cycle to this race ably accompanied by Neil and Wendy (back up driver) and a couple of other Sunday cyclists. Despite the weather, we cycled 50 miles along the back roads through the beautiful Breton countryside to stay overnight near Chateaulin. The route was fairly flat to start with, but then the obligatory hills appeared to ensure we had tired legs at the end of the day. The next morning we finished the cycle (another 25 miles) before arriving at Quimper for a light lunch with French friends (not ideal race food) and then on to the start of the race.

The French were very welcoming especially as we had travelled from Bude (Ergue-Gaberic being our twinned town). The Trail route was well marked, but no distance markers, few marshals, and not many water stops (2 plus a cider one) so I was gutted to find I had only done 14km at the 2nd stop (surely it was at least 18km) My legs started to tire from all the cycling soon after this, which then really slowed me down so not a very impressive time, nevertheless I did finish.

Would we do it again? Yes, but not cycle and run, unless the training beforehand was seriously stepped up. The final leg was to cycle back from Chateaulin to Roscoff the next day, so NO lie in, up early to ensure we got to the afternoon ferry in good time.

Special thanks must go to Neil who meticulously planned the route, and Wendy for accompanying us ‘en Voiture’ and providing delicious picnics, unfortunately Rob broke a pedal 10 miles short of the Ferry so had to complete the journey in the car, I don’t think he minded somehow!

Easter Monday Charity Fun Run. 9th April

In aid of The League of Friends of Stratton Hospital

First and foremost congRATulations to everyone that took part or supported the days events and particular congRATulations to all the winners.

After such good weather during March it may be churlish to focus on one bad day, but it has to be said that the mist and rain on Monday were a little distracting. But enough of that, the atmosphere in the Rugby Club was buzzing with enthusiasm, good nature and high spirits long before the races started. With 5 minutes to the start of the 1km event the marshals set off at a brisk stroll to take their positions around the course. When we were less than half way around we turned to see the first of the juniors bearing down at some speed. The brisk stroll changed into a rapid charge (as far as possible) in the hope of reaching the remaining posts before the race had passed us by. Well at least we were able to return to the dry without too much delay. Thankfully the 5km was less stressful, well at least for the marshals!

Special mention has to go to Stuart Williams, who, as overall winner in the 1km race went on to come 11th in the 5km race. Also very well done to Jane & Gemma Braunton who raised £58 in sponsorship. Thank you girls.

The final total raised isn’t available yet but is estimated to be in excess of £470.
Thanks also to our sponsors for the day, Stonebridge College and Bude Sports

5 Tors Moorland Fell Run. 1st April

G-RAT Expectations – By Katie Davis

The life of a runner is full of ups and downs, but not many can be as beautiful as the ones which make up the “Five Tors” 10 mile fell race. Starting and finishing in Minions, the route takes runners across Bodmin Moor, through marshlands, along farm tracks, disused railway tracks, up and over the 5 Tors not forgetting of course, through the ubiquitous mud. This is a challenging race and not one to be undertaken lightly. It would be fair to say, however, that despite the perfect weather conditions, expectations were not necessarily running high among the 5 RATs lining up at the starting flag…

Some of the more “unconventional” training methods employed in tackling this race included: sporting a long-term injury; recovering from flu; as well as horse riding for 5 leg-bowing hours and a hard gym session the previous day. Whilst none of these could be described as ideal foundations, there was a clear winner in the preparation stakes. One RAT only discovered she was entering a race on the drive there! Under the impression she was out for an informal club run, it was only when the talk turned to entry forms and race numbers that the penny dropped. Luckily she had all the necessary kit, not to mention grit and pure talent, and stormed the course.

In true RATs style there were some fantastic performances on the day. Bridget “Light-foot” Funnell danced her way round to claim second place in her age group 1:39:36, Sarah “Raging Bull” Curtis (in her first run in RATs colours) 1:40:44, Angela “She’s no (April) Fool” Martin 1:45:15, Roger Nosworthy 1:54:48 with Katie Davis making a grand entrance (finally) in 1:58:46.

The “5 Tors” is the first race in the new Cornish Multi-terrain Series, which comprises 10 off road races throughout Cornwall. The RATs ladies team claimed fifth place on the day, getting them off to a flying start in the overall series rankings.

The Bath Half Marathon. 11th March

A story of paramedics, the ‘boob bus’ and a rooftop Jacuzzi – by Tim Adams

There was blazing spring sunshine for the 2012 Bath Half Marathon and a record turnout of nearly 12,000 runners. The course is two laps of gentle hills and flat sections around Bath’s historic architecture, and is renowned for being a “fast run”. There are lots of drinks stations, 3 or 4 DJs, and 2 live bands to keep you entertained and running on!

I had sensibly decided to run the course with two paramedic friends: Sian and Louise (2 paramedics are better than one!) This was my first attempt to run a half marathon as a “serious” runner, without the hindrance of fancy dress. Despite my natural laziness and long working days, I had managed to go to a few training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday with the RATs, over the winter months. Some of the friendly training tips, advice and encouragement from Bridget, Leila and the other RATS must have paid off as I managed to complete the race with a personal best of 2 hours 1 minute and 10 seconds. Unfortunately this led to serious mickey taking from Sian and Louise as I had wanted to do it in less than two hours!

There were a couple of highlights from the race: the cheerful people running and supporting (a special mention must go to the people on the “boob bus” of the cop-a-feel breast cancer charity, who urged me to check my moobs as I ran past- err. thanks?) the inspiring elite athletes who ran past at breakneck speed and my patient running buddies.

Another major highlight was floating around the rooftop Jacuzzi of the Bath Spa, the day after – bliss.

The 25th Grizzly, Seaton. 11th March

You dirty RATs! – by Katie Davis

“20-ish muddy, hilly, boggy, beachy miles of the multiest-terrain running experience you will find this side of the end of time – by Katie Davis”

This might not sound like everybody’s cup of tea but Sunday March 11th saw 25 Bude RATs travel to a very sunny Seaton, Devon, joining over 1500 other runners for the 25th anniversary of the iconic “Grizzly” off road run. Some were undertaking this enormous challenge for the first time, others had the dis/advantage (depending on how you look at it) of knowing what was in store for them…

The route makes the most of the stunning coastline around Seaton and is considered by many to be one of the toughest in the UK. As if the climbs weren’t hard enough (some parts requiring the use of a rope to haul yourself up) there are also streams and the infamous “Valley of the Bogs”, which, judging by the shrieks coming from the woods, claimed several victims and their trainers! This is an extremely friendly and well organised event with amazing support from locals, marshalls and other runners alike along the course. Finishers are simply called “survivors” and were greeted at the end on Sunday by cupcakes and a much needed hosing down from the local fire crew.

The RATs performed outstandingly in very hot conditions with many claiming pb’s on the day. The Grizzly is a truly unique experience, notable for its camaraderie and inclusive ethos as much as for the challenge of the course itself. Next year is sure to see another “Grizzly” Rat attack!

Fancy running the Grizzly next year? Thinking of taking up running but not sure where to start? Bude RATs are a local running and triathlon club whose objective is to encourage improvement at all levels of ability, within a fun and friendly environment

Seaton - before start
    click for the big picture

The Bideford Half Marathon. 4th March

click for the big picture 1st Lady Ben Mark Helen Toby

Sorry Paul the only picture of you is just the back of your head!

Toby are you shy or did you just sneek in at the end for the photo op?

The Brown Willy Run. New Years Day

7 RATs travelled to Jamaica Inn to take part in this popular annual run.

7’ish miles with much of it thick gooey mud, resulting in some spectacular tumbles along the way, from the Inn to the top of Brown Willy, down the far side and back to the Inn for some well earned refreshements.

This was a purely social run, no race numbers or times but great fun. A shriek from someone who had slipped led to other people turning round to see what had happened with all the inevitable consequences.

Well done to:
Roger Nosworthy, Bridget Funnell, Becky Healey, Deb Fox
Ray Coles, Annie Finding and Mark Ward.

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