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2012 Grizzly


Sunday 8th December – Club Santa Run

Following the clues to find out ‘Who Killed Santa’ proved to be a great theme as everyone trailed from the Weir around Marhamchurch, ending in the Weir for a fab Big Breakfast.

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Sunday 29th September – Doone Run 10 miles

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Saturday 21st September – Big Breakfast – Kilkhampton

After a warm but very damp run – we all had a well deserved Big Breakfast
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Saturday 14th September – Shoreline Quadrathlon

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Saturday 23rd June – Lanhydrock 10m

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Sunday 9th June – Ruby Run Half Marathon

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Sunday 19th May – St Austell Half Marathon

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Sunday 12th May – Bideford 10k

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We need your thoughts – here!

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Sunday 5th May – Hartland Hartbreaker – 8 and 17 mile

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A perfect location and a perfect day. Not too hot at the start, but the day gradually warmed up when the sun came out. The 8 mile northern loop was shared by both 8 and 17, with the 17 heading off for a southern loop just over 100 mtrs from the 8’s finish and finally rejoining at the same point for its own finish. Every hill and cliff was fully exploited, ensuring that lungs, knees, thighs, calves and yes, hearts were stretched and broken. The 8 was definitely harder than the 5 Tors, and many finishing the 17 agreed that it was harder than the Grizzly! And closer to home!

The following pictures were taken as I ran around the 8 mile course. Keep an eye on the horizons!          -Ray

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28th April – Plymouth’s half Marathon

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Four RATS headed down to Plymouth on a perfect day for the Plymouth Half. The build up to the run started with a minutes silence for our friends and fellow runners from Boston USA. Then we were off! Adam managed to hang on to the 1hr30 pacer all the way and knocked around 18 minutes off of last years time, an incredible effort. Sarah North ran her course PB as well.

The route has a nice sting in the tail in the form of an uphill last half mile leading back to where we started, up on the hoe! Sarah Fennell, running her first ever half marathon deserves a special mention for giving it her all, even managing a strong finish. Big smiles all round after the race. Crowd support was fantastic (Mark Ward even popped out from the crowd half way round!) and all  four of us will be back for more next year.

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28th April – Arlington Court Canter – 10k

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Arlington Court, a beautiful setting for a race in what can only be described as fantastic conditions. Dry under foot, blue sky and cool air if you get too hot. But you cannot ignore the fact that about a mile before arriving at Arlington, the road descends into a deep, steep sided valley. This is what the foothills of Exmoor are all about. Now I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but there isn’t a published route map for this event and I looked everywhere!

Anyway, it’s not too surprising, that after running round the very level ground immediately around the main house, this run exploits the local characteristic and plunges down into the valley, to the lake! We were told beforehand, by Mike Newcombe, from Torrington AC (we keep meeting him at different events) that “the hill” is about 2.5mls (4k) into the run. Sure enough after running south along the valley bottom we started to climb out, heading south west. Google Earth confirms this to be about 2.5mls. So back at the top running across level fields, my thoughts were “job done”. Still heading south, we eventually reached the hairpin bend that set us back north, to the finish, easy.

No! Remember that valley, well it’s like a cross running north south and east west and so far all we had run was one leg. A couple more fields and a very short section of road and we started to go down again, then up, down, up and down to the very centre, close to where we were at about 2.5mls. The exit this time was north east. I like symmetry. That was the last hill and, very suddenly, were at the end, over, done, finished! Can we go round again please?

P.S If any of you have one of those wooden mushrooms in your garden and would like to see them used and they should be and not just an ornament. I recommend a trip to Arlington Court and in particular, head to the stable block where you can see a grain store sitting on top of a set of them – keeps the RATs out!

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7 April – 5 Tors – 1st leg 2013 Cornish Multi Terrain Race Series

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COLD!   BLEAK!   WINDY!   and COLD too!

Apologies to anyone watching TV at 11am on April 7th. If the pictured displayed ghostly images passing across the screen it was probably the 250 of us running near the TV mast at Callington.

A surprisingly dry course and probably the reverse of last year, shorter too, but no one seems certain. Still very hard work and I am truly grateful that Nick and the jelly babies caught me up after 40 minutes (I think I started too fast again!) and escorted me the rest of the way. The lack of mud must have made it easier under foot, but the biting wind more than compensated. On the plus side, the clear conditions did mean the views were all crystal clear, if you had time to take your eyes off the rocky ground to take a look! And as is so often the case, the more adverse the conditions, the more ecstatic the atmosphere with everyone so happy to make it to the end. The sea of happy faces helped to make the whole affair memorable and very enjoyable. A huge thanks to the marshals who stood out on the moors until the bitterly cold end. No pun intended.

And now for the more serious stuff.

This was the first event of 10 in the Cornish Multi Terrain Race Series: an opportunity to go head to head with the other clubs in Cornwall, both at individual and team levels. Last year our ladies team and individuals put the men to shame, with 5 of the top 25 overall places, 4 individual top 3 places and 2nd place for the team.

Well we’ve started 2013 with 3 men, but we need 4 to score in the team event. 10 clubs did manage to get the full complement of 4 men, but it’s not too late to make our mark with 9 events still remaining. So ladies and gents, what are you doing on May 19th, June 12th, 19th and 23rd, July 4th and 27th, August 24th, October 13th and finally November 10th? Running I hope! And more importantly, with us at the Cornish MTRS. If nothing else, think of all those Gold, Silver and Bronze Club Awards you can win by entering so many events, AND you get all that great scenery free.

I’m even prepared to drive some of you to and from the events.   Don’t let me down!     Ray

1st April – Bude Charity Fun Run

Here is a small selection of pictures, or check out the Professional Photos:

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Bude’s Easter Monday Fun Run was very well attended despite the cool breeze, but all soon warmed up and the sun put in appearance this year too. Peter La Broy of sponsors Bude Sports did an excellent job, multi tasking as MC, race starter, runner and presenter of the trophies.

In the 1km Junior run the results were as follows:

12 and under Boys – 1st Kieron Langman, 2nd Jake White, 3rd Elan Cholerton
12 and under Girls – 1st Sascha Mees, 2nd Isobel Sobey, 3rd Tilly Daniel
10 and under Boys – 1st Sam Jennings, 2nd Toby Biggs, 3rd James Way
10 and under Girls – 1st Ella Henry-Brock, 2nd Sophie Shute, 3rd Olivia Cameron
8 and under Boys – 1st Harry Brown, 2nd Bailey Cameron, 3rd Jago Attanayka Bora
8 and under Girls – 1st Maddie Old, 2nd Olivia Way, 3rd Poppy Jennings

If any of the winners didn’t pick up a prize please contact Bridget 07970 820727

In the adult 5k race local athlete Dave Lee stormed across the finish line with a pink spandex clad ‘Power Ranger’ in hot pursuit, just 4 seconds behind. Another local runner Mark Hutcheson finishing in third place.

Ellen Hall took the overall ladies 1st place, with Kate La Broy coming in 2nd, closely followed by, Sarah Curtis and Bridget Lincoln in joint 3rd.

George Hooper had a cracking run, finishing in fourth place to win the 18 and under category and Charlotte Diffey was 1st female, in that category.

Adult 5k prize winners

Male – 1st Dave Lee, 2nd Power Ranger, 3rd Mark Hutcheson
Female – 1st Ellen Hall, 2nd Kate LaBroy,3rd Sarah Curtis & Bridget Lincoln
18 and under Male – 1st George Hooper, 2nd Mitch Acres, 3rd Joseph Trewin
18 and under Female – 1st Charlotte Diffey, Joint 2nd Ellie Hodgson & Mia Hodgson

Thanks to Pete and Claire La Broy of Bude Sports for their help and sponsorship. Also thanks to all the marshals and the rest of the crew, Wendy, Neil, Leila, Jason, Tammy, Emily, Kate, Sarah, Lara and Katie. Also thanks to Shoreline. The total raised for the chosen charities is £494-92.

24th March – Chagford Challenge

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chagford Ch-Ch-Ch-Challenge – By Katie Davis

March 24th will be forever frozen into my brain as one of the most teeth chatteringly cold days of 2013, and there has been some stiff competition lately! Bridget Funnell, Roger Nosworthy, Katie Davis, Jeff Cherrington, Sue Roper, Isobel Waterhouse, Nic Hammond, Irene Thomson and Claire Davies took on the Chagford Challenge along with hundreds of walkers and a handful of runners, completing either a 10, 20 or 30 mile route across Dartmoor. There are no numbers, no times, you just have 10 1/ 2 hours to complete your chosen distance and enjoy your surroundings.

The scenery is breathtaking on a dull day, but making our way through woods, over Tors and across moorland we saw incredible ice formations on every exposed surface where the biting wind had blasted everything in its path. Dartmoor had turned into a Narnia wonderland, with whole trees seemingly made of ice and hundreds of intricate icy feathers sprouting from every rock.

Along with the sub zero temperatures and biting wind, there was also very reduced visibility, making the self navigation aspect of the event one of the greatest challenges. It is amazing how quickly your body temperature cools when you stop running to take a compass bearing or fumble with a map.

Thankfully the superb organisation from the Long Distance Walkers Association meant that not only were all directions spot on, but there was also some of the finest catering available outside of a Michelin starred restaurant at each of the 5 checkpoints. Emerging from the freezing fog, eyebrows, eyelids and clothing encrusted in ice, it made the heart sing to see each group of amazing volunteers ready and waiting with a staggering array of food and drink – a real oasis of warmth and support!

This is a fantastic event, taking in some of the most beautiful scenery and run by a crack team of organisers, marshalls and bakers. The extreme weather only added to the experience, one which I would definitely do again.

Stop Press – We now have confirmaton that Bridge, Katie and Rog were out on the moor for 8hrs 39mins. No times yet for Jeff, Sue, Isobel, Nic, Irene & Claire. We are hoping that they will finish soon!

Here’s a small selection of pictures, or check out the Professional Photos.

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New Years Day – Brown Willy Run – Jamaica Inn

2013brownwilly01Once again the Cornish running fraternity congregate at Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor for this popular annual 7’ish mile round trip to the top of Brown Willy, through some of the best thick, gooey mud that money can’t buy.

No entry fee, no numbers, times, medals or certificates. Just the satisfaction being there followed by some well earned refreshments. This is purely a social run.

For 2013, Bude Rats were represented by Deb Fox, Andy & Nicola Mounce, Nick Cleaver, Roger Nosworthy & Bridge Funnell