Results 2011

  1. 18th December ’11 – Torrington Christmas Caper
  2. 11th December ’11 – Christmas RAT Run
  3. 20th November ’11 – Drogo 10 Miles
  4. 12th November ’11 – Mens Health Survival of the Fittest
  5. 11-13th November ’11 – The Druids Challenge
  6. 5th November ’11 – Plymouth 10k
  7. 29th October ’11 – Sourton Scramble
  8. 23rd October ’11 – Tavy 7
  9. 1.5 mile Fun Run…
  10. 23rd October ’11 – Birmingham Half Marathon
  11. 23rd October ’11 – Exmoor Stumble (6 Mile)
  12. 23rd October ’11 – Exmoor Stagger (15.1 Mile) (My foot! More like 16.23 Miles)
  13. 16th October ’11 – Cardiff Half Marathon
  14. 15th October ’11 – Mouth to Mouth 10k
  15. 9th October ’11 – Eden Marathon and Half Marathon
  16. 9th October ’11 – Leicester Half Marathon
  17. 9th October ’11 – Bideford 10 (miles)
  18. 2nd October ’11 – Bideford Triathlon (600m swim, 23.5k cycle, 5k run)
  19. 25th September ’11 - Great RATs Random Relay
  20. 24th September ’11 – Water RATs at Roadford
  21. 18th September ’11 – Great North Run – Newcastle
  22. 18th September ’11 – Thames River Race – London The UK traditional Boat Championship
  23. 18th September ’11 – Truro Half Marathon
  24. 17th/18th September ’11 – Coast to coast Adventure Race - Scotland
  25. 17th September ’11 – Quadrathlon – European Championships - Bude
  26. 11th September ’11 – Bristol Half Marathon
  27. 10th/11th September ’11 – Dextro World Triathlon Championships - Beijing, China
  28. 10th September ’11 – Jungfrau Mountain Marathon – Switzerland
  29. 4th September ’11 – Treggy 7
  30. 3rd September ’11 – Dingle Half Marathon – Ireland
  31. 27th August ’11 – Oke Croak
  32. 6th August ’11 – Dextro London Triathlon (Hyde Park)
  33. 30th July ’11 – London Triathlon (Docklands)
  34. 10th July ’11 – Pyworthy 10k and Children’s fun runs
  35. 3rd July ’11 – Launceston 10 Mile Road Race
  36. 3rd July ’11 – Austrian Full Ironman Triathlon
  37. 26th June ’11 – Bude Shoreline Triathlon
  38. 26th June ’11 – North Devon ANOB Half Marathon
  39. 19th June ’11 – Wimbleball Ironman 70.3 Triathlon
  40. 15th June ’11 – Bude Lifeboat Run
  41. 12th June ’11 – Ruby Run
  42. 4th June ’11 – Off Road Duathlon/ ‘HellRider’ - West Wickham Park
  43. 29th May ’11 – Plymouth Half Marathon
  44. 22nd May ’11 – St Austell Half Marathon
  45. Mark Hutcheson – 1.26.17
  46. 15th May ’11 – Boconnoc 5
  47. 15th May ’11 – Roadford Sprint Triathlon
  48. 15th May ’11 – Bideford 10k
  49. 23rd April ’11 – Haldon Heartbeat
  50. 17th April ’11 – London Marathon
  51. 10th April ’11 – Cornwall Tor
  52. 10th April ’11 – TAVY 13
  53. 10th April ’11 – 5 Tors Moorland Race
  54. 10th April ’11 – Connemarathon – Maam Cross, Co Galway
  55. 27th March ’11 – Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service Half Marathon
  56. 27th March ’11 – Stephen Graver Ashton Duathlon
  57. 13th March ’11 – Grizzly (Valley of the Bogs)
  58. 6th March ’11 – Bideford Half Marathon
  59. 20th February ’11 – Plymouth Hoe 10M
  60. 30th January ’11 – Torrington Christmas Caper
  61. 23rd January ’11 – Braunton 10 Miler
  62. 2nd January ’11 – Exeter First Chance 10K
  63. Results 2010 and Results 2009

18th December ’11 – Torrington Christmas Caper

It all started so nicely… reasonable weather, light breeze and a dry tarmac downhill start, followed by a mile or two along wooded and slightly boggy paths. Not to bad so far… then came the flooded lane. Expecting an ankle deep puddle we were in for a shock… the water was deep enough to soak your shorts and went on until your legs and other parts were frozen. A few more miles, some on tarmac, but mostly wet and boggy, ending with an uphill mile across some sodden (or was it sodding) fields to the finish. Needless to say that all the RATs enjoyed the outing as they look towards more of the same in next years Grizzly.

Mark Hutcheson – 1:10:57 – 10th (2nd O40)
Ben Mitchell – 1:11:05 – 11th
Helen Heard – 1:19:02 – 2nd O35
Chris Heard – 1:23:36
Sean Jack – 1:27:14
Katie Davis – 1:42:25
Alex Hutcheson – 2:02:07

Guest RAT David Myers also had a great outing finishing in 1:20:46 despite trying to swim the flooded lane.

11th December ’11 – Christmas RAT Run

Click here to see more Christmas Run photos.

20th November ’11 – Drogo 10 Miles

What a beautiful day… warm sunshine, no wind, mild temperatures… and lots of hills and mud!

As you would expect a handful of RATs were there to test themselves. The course starts with a long, narrow and steep down hill section followed by a muddy couple of miles along the river bank. Then the real fun starts with the first of three long and steep hills making even the strongest of runners slow to a shuffle. Despite the hills and mud (and some late season wasps) the Rats all made it to the finish in times that everyone was pleased with:

Mark Hutcheson – 1:15:10
Pienaar Van Rensburg – 1:38:40
Helen Heard – 1:22:08
Sally Gostick – 1:50:41
Sabine Mclean-Thorne – 1:24:07
Susan Van Rensburg – 2:10:55
Paul Bowden – 1:24:30
Alex Hutcheson – 2:10:55
Andy Virgin – 1:35:21

12th November ’11 – Mens Health Survival of the Fittest

November 12th saw the first Mens Health Survival of the Fittest at Battersea Park power station, London. There were nearly 7,000 competitors over 20 waves run solo or in teams of 5 or 10.

The course was 10k this time but with 16 obstacles.

The organisers promised we would get wet and we did. Besides the normal climbing over, under and through cars, walls, building sites etc, we had to do an 800 metre steeple chase half way through the run, we crawled through ice followed by mud then a dowsing with a fire hose, just to be sure we were clean we had to then jump into freezing cold water before completing the last two obstacles the last of which is the infamous 8ft wall, as if you’re not tired enough, just hope someone will give you a leg up, just don’t think about the drop down the other side.

The fastest time of the day was 38mins, slowest was 3.5 hours, my time in comparison was 1:05:38.

- Paul Collins

View full report and more photos

11-13th November ’11 – The Druids Challenge

Tring – Swindon… 84 miles in a weekend following the Ridgeway, part of the oldest road in Britain RATs Becky, Ali, Bridge and Roger, with friends Paul George and Phil Bullen, found this challenge irresistible.

Three days of 27-29 miles per day, interesting ‘sleep overs’ – over 200 people on the floor
in one room, 5.15am starts, rough and muddy trails.

Paul and Bridge provided great support, Becky beat her previous time by almost 2 hours, Ali enjoyed her first ultra event, MdS veteran Phil had another good race and Rog got a nice surprise with a category win and a good prize of Trail shoes! Unfinished business for Bridge so back again next year!

View full report and photos

5th November ’11 – Plymouth 10k

It was pb’s all round for the 4 Bude Rats taking part in the first Plymouth 10k. Although the 8.15am start was “challenging” it was worth it for the “flat-for-Plymouth”, traffic free course set in the city centre. The event was well organised and friendly with a nice medal at the finish!

Lara Trewin – 52:13 (10th in category)
Katie Davis – 52:16
Jo Polhill – 1:03:57
Tina Collins – 1:06:17

29th October ’11 – Sourton Scramble

A good turn out from the RATs for this year’s Sourton Scramble, with another fantastic result from Helen Heard - husband Chris creeping up though Helen, you are going to have to find yet another gear from somewhere!

2 Birthdays today too… What a treat, a nice muddy, hilly 10k… actually it was just under 7 miles.

Great effort for turning out and Ray and Ben certainly earned their celebratory meals.

Ben Mitchell – 44.52 – 5th overall. Birthday Boy.
Mark Hutcheson – 47.22 (Maybe time to stop helping Ben?)
Helen Heard – 51.00 – 2nd Female overall….. ‘He’s behind you’
Chris Heard – 51.55
Steve Martin – 53.36
Philip Whatley – 54.18 …Friends of RATs
Sabine Mclean-Thorne – 54.59
Isobel Waterhouse – 58.42
Bridget Funnell – 60.58
Roger Nosworthy – 63.17
Maureen Kelly – 66.57 …Friends of RATs
Ray Coles – 66.57 …Happy Birthday to you
Annie Finding – 77.10

Thanks to pappaRATsi Alex who was too poorly to run on the day so took all the piccies.

View Sourton report

23rd October ’11 – Tavy 7

Paul Bowden – 49:48 (2nd in age cat)
Steve Martin – 50:53
Ang Martin – 55:07 (2nd in age cat)

1.5 mile Fun Run…

Holly Martin (1st in cat, 2nd girl overall)
A fantastic result from young Ratlet Holly, very well done

23rd October ’11 – Birmingham Half Marathon

Sabine Mclean-Thorne – 1:31:58 (33rd female)

“It was a perfect day for a run on Sunday 23rd October and 15,000 people were lined up for the Bupa Great Run in Birmingham. It was a lovely course to run with a flat and fast first 8 miles, however there was nice mile and a half of non-stop incline awaiting the runners in the final 3 miles! The highest point though was running in the same race as the likes of Haile Gebrselassie and Jemma Steele and being just metres away from them as they passed on the middle straight. A fabulous experience”.

Becky Stopher – 2:12:58
Beaten by older sister Lauren by 1 second!

Becky says… “I am very happy with my time as I beat my last time by 12 minutes! It was a great day and the atmosphere was amazing with people cheering the whole way round, music as well. I would recommend the Birmingham great run to any one who wants to do a half marathon, especially if it’s their first one as the atmosphere is great and really keeps you going, there wasn’t any part of the race where people weren’t cheering.”

23rd October ’11 – Exmoor Stumble (6 Mile)

Chris Heard – 0:57:31 (3rd in cat)
Andy Virgin – 1:04:14
Sally Gostick – 1:15:37 (3rd in cat)

23rd October ’11 – Exmoor Stagger (15.1 Mile)
(My foot! More like 16.23 Miles)

Helen Heard – 2:37:00 (2nd in cat)
Bridget Funnell – 3:12:30 (4th in cat   :-( )
Roger Nosworthy – 3:16:32 (3rd in cat)

16th October ’11 – Cardiff Half Marathon

Kate Greenaway… in a very respectable time of 1:47

Race reviews from previous years promised a fast flat course with a carnival atmosphere. Far from the norm of what any mud-loving RAT would generally enter. However, as a race to ease back into training, it looked ok.

The start was well organised and the atmosphere was great, 15000 runners to get under way was no easy task. The route itself was almost flat, and the crowd-lined streets kept motivation high. 14 degrees with a light breeze made for perfect weather too! The only downside was that the number of people made it very difficult to run at your own pace. All in all a fab race and a lovely city.

15th October ’11 – Mouth to Mouth 10k

A superb autumn day and the awesome setting above Sandy Mouth beach provided the perfect location for the start and finish of this inaugural National trust event.

A tough 10km race following the coastal path and bridle ways around Northcott Mouth, Stowe, Duckpool and Sandy Mouth. Competitors came from all over Devon and Cornwall.

With a plague of RATs making up over half the field and providing most of the marshals too, the visiting runners were confronted by a sea of red vests, inspiring some good racing…

RAT Ben Mitchell took the honours with a very impressive run, finishing well clear of fellow RAT Jim Miller in second place and first lady Jo Meek (Tavistock)in third place ahead of local triathlete James Marshall who held off RAT Rob Shaw. Second female Clare Donovan (Exeter) was close behind holding off the ever competitive Hammond brothers, followed by Jon Meek with third lady Sharon Daw (East Cornwall) just ahead off first female RAT Jane Cann.

Well done RATties – a good morning’s work!

View route map

View full results (.xls format)
View full results (.doc format)

Photos of the event: on paparazziparrish website
at Coombe ford

9th October ’11 – Eden Marathon and Half Marathon

The third Eden Project Marathon on Sunday 9th October saw runners lining up to tackle this challenging course. The Bude Rats were represented in the half marathon which is a challenging, hilly course through country lanes and trails through beautiful Cornish countryside and villages, taking in amazing views and finishing at Eden’s spectacular Biomes.

The weather was friendly for the runners this year, with a light drizzle keeping things cool and the supporters around the course were great – especially the family around the 7 mile point who had decorated the outside of their house with flags and banners, had uplifting music playing and children holding trays of chopped Mars Bars and jelly beans! Runners have to dig deep to tackle the pain of those hills, but when you enter the Eden Project for the last down hill mile you can hear the music and see the biomes below and know the end is in sight which is a great moment.

Beer and medals at the end! Every runner is rewarded with a t-shirt, medal and a massively well earned Cornish pasty and a pint of Cornish beer!

Jo Barraclough – 2:11:29
Kit Davies – 2:43:12

9th October ’11 – Leicester Half Marathon

Weather and course both quite kind and Alex was pleased with her time and managed to knock 3 minutes off last year’s result she felt good this year ’til about 10 miles then time slipped away a little.

Mark said ‘he blew up half way round’ but still managed 33rd position out of field of over 1650 competitors.   I think we could all do with a bit of ‘blowing up’ sometimes if that’s the case! especially as this was Marks 19th race this year!

Mark Hutcheson – 1:27:16
Alex Hutcheson – 2:15:08

9th October ’11 – Bideford 10 (miles)

170 runners turned out for the Bideford 10 miler and the drizzle eased for the start of the race.

Sabine and Ben had a strong start remaining at the front of the pack over the first few miles.   After 5 miles the course turned onto the Tarka Trail and into a strong wind but the Bude Rats held their positions with Paul having a particularly strong finish.

Ben finished in 1 hour 4 mins with Paul and Sabine behind him just seconds apart.
A good run was had by all and great results across the board.

Well done Rats for an excellent performance!

Ben Mitchell – 1:04:09 (2nd SM)
Paul Bowden – 1:09:36 (2nd Vet 0/50)
Sabine Mclean-Thorne – 1:09:37 (2nd Female overall)

2nd October ’11 – Bideford Triathlon
(600m swim, 23.5k cycle, 5k run)

Mark Hutcheson – 1:17:53
Sean Jack – 1:29:53
Helen Heard – 1:31:09
Sarah Miller – 1:38:53
Katie Davis – 1:39:55

It would have been hard to find a better event for my first triathlon said Katie Davis. There was a very friendly, supportive atmosphere with a good mix of first timers and experienced triathletes alike. The weather was lovely and it was really well supported – it was incredible looking up from the start of the swim in Bideford river at all the crowds lining the bridge. I am already looking forward to next year’s event and it has given me the confidence to try out some other local triathlons.

25th September ’11 - Great RATs Random Relay

The winning team was (L-R): Kelvin Turner, Emma Bartrop, Wayne Van Rensburg, James Cann

See full report and more/bigger pictures

24th September ’11 – Water RATs at Roadford

One miler swim at Roadford on Saturday 24th. Just the 3 of us went but we loved it!

Sue Roper – 27 mins 47 secs
Nicola Hammond – 33 mins 27 secs
Sarah Miller – 33 mins 47 secs

18th September ’11 – Great North Run – Newcastle

Mogsy Ford – 2.03.04

“Great run and atmosphere but got totally drenched – also forgot how hilly the course is!
This was a good training run for my ’42 Miles for Bern’ challenge on 2nd October”

18th September ’11 – Thames River Race – London
The UK traditional Boat Championship

River RAT Kate Greenaway decided to race sitting down this weekend! The girls 2:59;50 beat their target of 3 hours.

From London Docklands to Ham in Surrey, London’s River marathon attracts crews from all over the globe.

“Thunderstorm, fork lightning and hail didn’t deter us from finishing the race. Approximately 350 boats of all shapes and sizes took part on the 21.6 mile course.”

18th September ’11 – Truro Half Marathon

Mark Ward – 1.46.20
Alex Ward (son) – 1.46.15
Alex Hutcheson – 2.24.15

See Truro Half reports

17th/18th September ’11 – Coast to coast Adventure Race - Scotland

Bridget Funnell and Roger Nosworthy travelled North of the border for a 105 mile jaunt through the Highlands of Scotland. Traversing from the Moray Firth to Glencoe, over 2 days, by foot, bike and Kayak.

Day 1 started in Nairn with a 7 mile muddy run to Cawdor Castle for the first bike transition… 48 miles later along quiet back roads and with the hope of seeing Golden Eagles, Pine Martens and Haggi ,cyclists eventually ended up in picturesque Fort Augustus. Leaving their bikes the competitors ran to the banks of Loch Ness for a 1/2 mile kayak before running through the town to finish Day 1.

Overnight camping in a very soggy tent city, with a 5.30 am rise to pack everything away and refuel for the start of Day 2. Back on the bikes for 17 miles of lovely muddy ‘off road’ with some tough technical parts, followed by another 17 miles on road eventually ending up in Fort William for the final run (ha ha). This 14 mile run/trek/crawl included several hundred metres of ascent/descent taking competitors round Ben Nevis, through stunning scenery, to take minds off the pain, up over the top of Glencoe for a very steep, muddy and lethally slippery descent to the banks of Loch Leven for the final kayak stage, a mile across the loch to the FINISH, watched and cheered in by a good crowd and some inquisitive seals wondering what on earth was going on.

Finishing the race in a not too disgraceful time of 14 hrs, with room for improvement Next Time! A tough but great event with impressive organisation.

17th September ’11 – Quadrathlon – European Championships - Bude

Most RATs were busy marshalling this event but there were a few who took part:

  • Mark Hutcheson – solo male
  • RAT Simon Hammond paired with Lee Samson
  • RATs Emma Bartrop / Sarah Miller teamed up with Sue Roper and Lou Paton 

“The 2011 Shoreline Quadrathlon, this year being the UK’s World Cup Event, arrived amongst violent down pours and strong winds. The sea being whipped into a mass of white water and unpredictable surf. The changing tide meaning following the 800m swim, competitors were wading and porpoising their way in from half way up the beach. The 10k paddle felt like it was mostly up hill, the 30k cycle a battle to stay on the bike in places and the run a blustery mix of coast path, road and cornfield. Excellent! Great results from the RAT entrants.”

Mark Hutcheson 20:44 00:57:12 01:07:37 40:15
Simon Hammond / Lee Sampson 15:29 00:54:31 00:48:11 41:39
Team Borderline (Sarah Miller, Sue Roper, Lou Paton and Emma Bartrop) 18:04 01:24:24 01:09:47 45:42

11th September ’11 – Bristol Half Marathon

Sabine Mclean-Thorne – 1.34.09

“All the competitors braved the forecast of gale force winds for the Bristol Half Marathon and were rewarded with sunshine and at least a slightly lesser wind! The race started at a very fast pace lead by some great athletes but there was a fantastic atmosphere with every roadside lined with supporters cheering and clapping you on. This would be a great experience for anyone who fancies a 13-mile jaunt.”

10th/11th September ’11 – Dextro World Triathlon Championships - Beijing, China

“The course was the same as used in the Olympics in 2008, based in the northern suburbs of Beijing.

“I competed in the World Aquathlon Championships the day after I arrived which allowed me to get a feel of the conditions I was going to be racing in,and settle my nerves, it was extremely hot but I managed to come 11th in my age-group, I was the only Brit to compete in my age category.

“For the next few days I did a bit of sight-seeing and just hung out with fellow age- groupers who seem to come from all walks of life, it was interesting learning what had brought them here and the kinds of triathlon experiences they had all been through. It was great also to meet international triathletes, and see how their teams worked and nurtured them. The conditions for the triathlon weekend were cool and wet for the elites, but for my race day were dry and warm getting hotter on the run. The swim was non-wetsuit as the water was as warm as a bath, the bike was good, 3 laps of a fairly flat course quite twisty in places, saw quite a few crashes and road-rash victims along the way, the run was purgatory… need to work on the run!

“Overall placing was 25th in age group, 5th Brit to finish, so pretty pleased but always room for improvement, now am back home and have poured over the results several times and realize I could have been higher place if I had been in the age-group above (40-49) but move into that next year… and that’s another challenge!!”

- James Miller

10th September ’11 – Jungfrau Mountain Marathon – Switzerland

The Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland is the most beautiful marathon in the world. It is a mountain marathon beginning at Interlaken (503m) and finishing at Kline Scheidegg (2061m) just below the north face of the Eiger.

The run is a gruelling event with some very steep parts that take you through picturesque mountain villages and up onto the alps in front of some of Europe’s most spectacular mountains.

There are bands playing, cow bells ringing and the echo of the mountain horns being played with all the supporters shouting ‘Hopp Hopp’ (‘Go Go’).

Local runners Jane Cann (Bude RATS), James Cann, Emma Raffe, Anna Heywood with husband Bob Seymore all completed the event in 30o heat.

Jane (4hrs 52mins) and James (5hrs 40mins) ran the event for the 4th time while Emma (5hrs 59mins), Bob and Anna (both 5hrs 50mins) were all delighted to complete it for the first time.”

4th September ’11 – Treggy 7

Ellen Hall – 1.00.56

“The weather was perfect for the run which had 375 competitors. The downhill run at the start was a bit hectic with so many people, but otherwise it was very enjoyable. The only noticeable hill was from New Mills to Tregadillit at the 2.5 mile stage, otherwise the course was reasonably flat.”

3rd September ’11 – Dingle Half Marathon – Ireland

Mogsy Ford – 2.01.08

“stunning scenery on the Dingle Peninsula – southwest coast of Ireland”

27th August ’11 – Oke Croak

Despite taking a couple of attempts to find the start, three Rats proved that they can navigate (by using the follow the person in front approach) to take part in the Oke Croak – a beautiful but tough fell run ascending the beautiful tree lined East Okement river valley before entering the high and rugged moorland of Northern Dartmoor. The course is 10.4 miles and involves 2000 ft ascent.

Bridget Funnell – 1hr 56 (1st in class)
Sabine Mclean-Thorne – 1hr 48 (4th overall, 2nd in class)
Mark Hutcheson – 1hr 27 (9th overall, 4th in class)

6th August ’11 – Dextro London Triathlon (Hyde Park)

Sean Jack, Sprint Finish Time – 1.33.38
800m Swim 20.57 – 22k Bike 45.35 – 5k Run 20.59

See Sean’s report & photos

30th July ’11 – London Triathlon (Docklands)

Sean Jack – Sprint Finish Time – 1.30.04
750m Swim 20.24 – 20k Bike 39.39 – 5k Run 22.46

See Sean’s report & photos

10th July ’11 – Pyworthy 10k and Children’s fun runs

To see the FULL RESULTS of the 10k and the Children’s 1.5k & 3k fun runs

Click here (spreadsheet)
or here (Word document)

Pyworthy hosted their first 10k Road Race at the weekend in warm conditions, it would prove to be an enjoyable run with a sting in the tail at the end.

With a field of nearly 40 runners of all standards the race went off at a very fast pace, within the first 1k the leaders were stretching out the field with a fast down hill start, after that we had a long climb back up the valley, at half way the drinks station was a great relief in this heat.   On the run for home the road undulates with a long pull up into Pyworthy and, on entering the village, we went into a field with the finish in sight, but we were directed away from the finish and entered another two more fields before climbing back up to the finish, a challenging finish but enjoyable.

Pyworthy Team should be congratulated on their course and the way it was marshalled and marked out. Well done.

The results for Bude RATs members were:

Mark Hutcheson – 38:51 (2nd male)
Simon Hammond – 42:33
Helen Heard – 43:46 (2nd lady)
Sean Jack – 45:23
Toby Haigh – 46:42
Andy Latter – 51:46
Ellen Hall – 52:21 (3rd lady)
Paul Currie – 52:50
Rowena Wilson – 59:14
Maria Martin – 66:23

3rd July ’11 – Launceston 10 Mile Road Race

Mark Hutcheson – 1.06.54
Bridget Funnell – 1.30.00

3rd July ’11 – Austrian Full Ironman Triathlon

Rob Shaw
Swim 1.03.46 – Bike 5.45.43 – Run 4.43.21

Fantastic Effort – report to follow

26th June ’11 – Bude Shoreline Triathlon

The Bude Triathlon started in very hot conditions which would take their toll on some competitors. The swim was slightly shorter this year but had a longer run into transition area; from then on the cycle has a tough up hill start followed by a long drag to Widemouth and a main road dash back into Bude. With the sun getting hotter, the runners were feeling the heat especially Sean (sicknote) who was having a bad day. Good times achieved by most of the RATs, well done to Andy Virgin on his first tri, great effort from everyone else.

James Miller
Mark Hutcheson
Andrew Virgin
Fergus Walker
Sarah Miller
Sean Jack

26th June ’11 – North Devon ANOB Half Marathon

Sabine Mclean-Thorne – 1.59.57
Overall position 33, 3rd female overall
2nd in Senior female category (“I was 2 seconds behind 1st!!!!!!! :-()”)

19th June ’11 – Wimbleball Ironman 70.3 Triathlon

Rob Shaw – Total Time – 5.25.19
Swim 34.20 – Trans 5.13 – Cycle 3.03.03 – Trans 1.51 – Run 1.40.55
M45-49 Category Finish – 6th

Full report

15th June ’11 – Bude Lifeboat Run

A dry evening with a little chill in the air greeted the runners, another great turnout from the RATs considering some had raced 3 days before in the Ruby Run.

Starting at Bude Rugby pitch followed by a run along the canal track and onto farmland with a long up hill climb the runners get well spread out, following the climb we run along a hard concrete lane up and down and back onto the canal track for what seems a very long run for home back to the rugby club, along the way there are many mini battles between the runners fighting for places, it’s a fast competitive run.

Total of runners starting 140 so a great effort from everyone.

Mark Hutcheson
Jasmine Finney
Sean Jack
Steve Martin
Angela Martin
Ali Migliorini-Stubbs
Paul Currie
Helen Medland
Joanne Barraclough
Shelly Marshall
3rd in class
2nd in class2nd in Class
Team result
Bude Rats 2nd overall
(6 teams)

12th June ’11 – Ruby Run

In conditions that suited ducks more than runners the 9th Ruby Run took place on a rainy Sunday morning; a wet start and finish did not deter the RATs runners and walkers, in fact it turned out to be good for all the runners keeping them cool. The course (from Hatherleigh to Holsworthy this year) is mainly an up hill climb with some long straights and is all main road.

Mark Hutcheson led the RATs home with a great time of 1.26.21 followed by a strong run from Sabine Mclean Thorne 1.37.52 also the second woman home. As the race went on the rain got stronger but all our RATs came home slightly drowned rats but all relieved to get in and past that horrible hill finish into Holsworthy and get some dry clothes on.

Mark Hutcheson
Sabine Mclean Thorne
Wayne Van Rensburg
Sean Jack
Jane Cann
Pienaar Van Rensburg
Andy Latter
Ellen Hall
1st in category
2nd in category3rd in category
Marlene Clifton
Alison Timms
Sarah Burnard
Maria Martin

4th June ’11 – Off Road Duathlon/ ‘HellRider’ - West Wickham Park

The task was to see how many 5 km run and 8km off-road (multi-obstacle) cycle loops competitors could complete in 8 hours…

Bridget Funnel – 12 circuits – 3rd solo female
Roger Nosworthy – 10 circuits

Full report

29th May ’11 – Plymouth Half Marathon

Sabine Mclean-Thorne   1.37.14
Shelley Marshall – 2.25.34

22nd May ’11 – St Austell Half Marathon

Mark Hutcheson – 1.26.17

Report from Mark: “A scenic 2 lap course with a longish hill at the mid point and again
from 12 to the finish. The weather was a bit breezy but otherwise a good day out.
I made it round in 7th overall in 1hr 26min 17 secs which left me 3rd in my category.
A very worthwhile event with the best goody bag at the finish that I have seen for a long time – enough energy powder and gels to keep me going for several weeks !”

15th May ’11 – Boconnoc 5

our Rat in Wadebridge… Becky Healey – 4th in her cat…
A day of 4th’s! Mark, James and now Becky!

“I had a lovely run at the Boconnoc 5. It was a lovely hilly course with a little stream
to run through at about a mile and a half. It was quite warm but not too hot. I was proud to wear my Rat top for the 1st time. I did 49:07 I think and was 4th in my age group.”

15th May ’11 – Roadford Sprint Triathlon

James Miller did a very impressive 4th overall in mens: 1hour 11mins.

Sarah was thrilled with her first ever open-water swim time and came in 15th lady (out of field of 30) an overall time of 1 hour 38 mins.

James Miller – Swim 11.23 (T 0.55) – Cycle 35.33 (T 0.38) – Run 23.13 – Total 1.11.42
Sarah Miller – Swim 17.00 (T 1.50) – Cycle 47.02 (T 1.13) – Run 31.44 – Total 1.38.51

15th May ’11 – Bideford 10k

Now where’s that litter bin?

A breezy morning greeted the runners of the Bideford 10k, We had usual fast start down the High Street and over the Bridge quickly sorting out space for the runners, it’s a flat course so it’s a fairly fast race, coming back along the cycle track was a lot warmer than expected and it does drag on a bit, but some really good times were achieved.

We had 21 Rats taking part and all ran well.

The Club had winners with:

Jasmine Finney 1st in W20 Category

Senior Ladies Team 1st – Jasmine Finney, Jane Cann and Sabine Mclean-Thorne

Ladies Vet Team 1st – Helen Heard, Angela Martin and Isobel Waterhouse

Mark Hutcheson
Simon Hammond
Jasmine Finney (1st in cat)
Steve Martin
Helen Heard
Sean Jack
Andrew Virgin
Jane Cann
Sabine Mclean-Thorne
Angela Martin
Toby Haigh
Isobel Waterhouse
Robert Waterhouse
Paul Currie
Mogsy Ford (PB)
Helen Medland
Sally Gostick
Rowena Wilson
Shelly Marahall
Jessica Lynes
Nicola Hammond

23rd April ’11 – Haldon Heartbeat

Kate’s report – “Cracking race – definitely should be a Rat Attack next year. Lovely 8ish (8.56 miles by my garmin) route – through race course and neighbouring forest. Long hills but not too steep. Weather made for good going underfoot – rain would have made it a hellish route as most of it was on dried mud. Cup cakes at end run out fast so you need
to give it beans if you want one.”

Mark Hutcheson – 53.50 (8th overall, 3rd in category)
Simon Hammond – 1.02.16 (48th overall, 10th in category)
Kate Greenaway – 1.05.37 (73rd overall, 3rd in Category)
Andy Virgin – 1.07.19 (85th overall)
Sally Gostick – 1.18.37 (173rd overall)

The Hammonds made it a family event with Nicky, Kieran and Zeron taking the fun run by storm.

17th April ’11 – London Marathon

Well done to all our heroes running in the heat that the London seems to chuck in just to make it that little harder. 3 of the RATs finished within 2 minutes of each other, Sarah smashed her old time by 28 minutes, and Mogsy her’s by 22 minutes. Full report and more pictures to follow.

Mark Ward – 3.42.01
Helen Heard – 3.43.08
Ang Martin – 3.44.10
Sarah Burnard – 4.09.04 (PB)
Mogsy Ford – 4.28.42 (PB)

Mini Marathon (3 miles)
Archie St Aubyn – 17.47

10th April ’11 – Cornwall Tor

A bright sunny day with not a sign of the hoped-for clouds. 100, 73 and 44 mile routes - all taking in a significant stretch of North Cornwall’s hilliest coasal roads - the 100 and 73 mile routes included climbs up out of Boscastle, Crackington and Millook.

Rob Shaw – 100 miles – 6.47.42
Ellen Hall – 73 miles – 7.25.43

Splat the RAT also rode, but had to drop out after 30 miles when his bike motor failed.

10th April ’11 – TAVY 13

408 Runners. A really warm morning start for the Tavy 13 – 408 runners taking part, a fast run early on with some tough hills to contend with, 2 viaduct crossings and a very very long hill at the 7 mile marker, plenty of support along the way, the race finished on the Tavistock School running track. Mark Hutcheson had a great run finishing in the top 5 home so well done.

Mark Hutcheson – 1.26.30 (1st in class, 5th overall)
Sean Jack – 1.42.57 (6th in class, 64th overall)
Jane Hutcheson – 2.33.16

10th April ’11 – 5 Tors Moorland Race

115 Runners. A challenging fell race of nearly 10 miles in length, taking in Sharp Tor, Bearah Tor, Kilmar Tor, the Cheesewring, Tregarrick Tor and the muddy marshlands around Great Gimble.

Sabine Mclean Thorne – 1.39.42 (54th)
Becky Healey – 2.07.58

10th April ’11 – Connemarathon – Maam Cross, Co Galway

3 races: 1/2 Marathon, Full Marathon and Ultra Marathon

4 Bude Rats took part in the Marathon and Ultra Marathon

Marathon – 539 Runners
Susan Janse Van Rensburg – 5.03.32

Ultra Marathon 39.3 miles – 170 Runners
James Cann – 5.39.01 (31st)
Wayne Janse Van Rensburg – 6.19.39 (67th)
Pienaar Janse Van Rensburg – 6.49.46 (122nd)

Great effort from all the RATs in this energy draining race.

27th March ’11 – Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service Half Marathon

A lovely sunny morning for the 202 runners, starting at the Dragon Leisure Centre and running around Lanhydrock House and Gardens. The runners had a multi-terrain surface from road, track, woodland and back to road. Included in the run were plenty of ups and downs, some very tough hills! All three runners ran well Mark finishing in the top ten “well done”, Helen 21st and 2nd in her category (will need a new trophy cabinet soon!) and Sean 40th another solid run.

Mark Hutcheson – 1.30.09
Helen Heard – 1.40.40 (2nd in Category)
Sean Jack – 1.45.54

27th March ’11 – Stephen Graver Ashton Duathlon

DBMax event – 5k run / 30k bike / 5k run – set in the vicinity of Steeple Ashton, Wilts

James Miller – Time 1.32.27

10th place overall, 6th in age group – a boost for the Tri RATs!

13th March ’11 – Grizzly (Valley of the Bogs)

A lovely sunny day greeted the Bude Rats to the Grizzly 2011 at Seaton, the race title ‘Valley of the Bogs’ lived up to its name.

20 miles of pebble and shingle beaches, more hills than you can think of and loads of water and mud, plus bogs within bogs.

Job Done! All of Rats Home in great times and all still smiling and aching at the same time.

Race Times
Rob Shaw – 3.10.08
Kate Greenaway – 3.55.00
Sabine Mclean-Thorne – 3.55.52
Mark Ward – 3.59.00 *
Jasmine Finney – 3.59.00
Sean Jack – 4.04.10 *
Andy Latter – 4.57.36
Fergus Walker – 4.57.36

The times with * (own watch time) are times from the gun going over the start line.

See event report and more pictures

6th March ’11 – Bideford Half Marathon

A big field, nice sunshine but really cold waiting at the start for the Bideford Half Marathon and a bit windy running for home. 

10 Rats turned up and all ran really well. 

Congratulation to Helen Heard for finishing 3rd in her Category. A great run from Mark Hutcheson running for the first time as a RAT. Our London Marathon girls all put in great times, well done Helen, Angela and Mogsy. Sean (sicknote) returns with his best Bideford time.

Well done everyone!

Chip Time Position
Mark Hutcheson 1.24.14 16th
Jasmine Finney 1.33.52 7th
Helen Heard 1.33.46 3rd
Sean Jack 1.38.14 15th
Sabine Mclean Thorne 1.38.41 13th
Angela Martin 1.39.05 5th
Isobel Waterhouse 1.43.42 18th
Andy Latter 1.49.46 44th
Mogsy Ford 1.58.45 48th
Jessica Lynes 2.02.48 56th

20th February ’11 – Plymouth Hoe 10M

Mogsy reports “New route this year seemed even hillier than before and they decided to add a spiral staircase at mile 8!!”

Morag (Mogsy) Ford – Time 1.28.49
This time was 7 minutes faster than her normal time, so well done!!!

30th January ’11 – Torrington Christmas Caper

One of the most challenging multi-terrain runs in the South West,
covering approximately nine miles, and featuring as much of the mud,
hills, woods, rivers, forests and country lanes Torrington has to offer. 

What a great effort from our girls – all 3 get on the podium!

Jasmine Finney – Place 13th overall – Time 1.20.45 –  1st in Category U18
Helen Heard – Place 18th overall – Time 1.22.35 – 1st in Category Vet Female
Sabine McClean Thorne – Place 25th overall – 2nd in Category Senior Female

23rd January ’11 – Braunton 10 Miler

This is a testing course with two steep climbs.

Helen Heard – 1.12.12
Angela Martin – 1.18.37

Well done girls, great times.

2nd January ’11 – Exeter First Chance 10K

Well done to the brave ones who made a great effort in cold conditions.

Sarah Miller           39.00
Simon Hammond     42.18
Helen Heard           42.28
Angela Martin         46.11
Max Spence           51.01
Helen Medland       53.01
  Liz Wilson           53.47
Sally Gostick         53.58
Michael Timms       56.03
Alison Timms       1.06.46
Jessica Lynes       1.11.41
Nicola Hammond   1.11.41

Results 2010 and Results 2009

RATs results prior to 2011 have been moved to a separate page which can be viewed HERE.