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What a busy weekend running

Congratulation to Nigel Grant in the cornwall marathon - Jane Alex Alexander, Jeremy Brown Ben Rogers Sean Jack Jim Rooney and Fanny Rogers all taking part in the Bideford 10 miler.. great to see so many people entered..

and also to Tommy Trance Pants in coming 3rd in the Dartmoor 100, and Colleen Finn Stuart Colwill and Simon Finn in finishing the Dartmoor 100.... which was not ad advertises as the 100 miles but just over 109.. miles Truly amazing.

Did any one else run this weekend? With all this running this in mind we will have 2 groups heading out this Tuesday and A/B Group ( those with a faster pace can loop ) and a C group

***Sunset is at 4.45pm Please do not forget head torches and Hi Viz ***

Any one out there who wants to come and run with us but is not sure we do offer 4 free trial sessions in a 8 week period. We have 3 different groups of different speeds. The only thing that we ask is that for the C group you can run 4 1/2 to 5 miles in an hour, you are over 18. (if you are under 18 and want to run please contact the club) Thursday training TBA


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Tuesday 18th July, is our social run

Lead by Colleen and Nigel. Meet at the surf club 6.20pm for a 6.30pm group run. Visiting The Preston Gate, either The Kings or The Tree in Stratton, then back to The Crooklets Inn. Don’t forget money


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